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Do Almost Everything Challenge

Post by madeinsixam »

Try to do all these thing in TS1!

Base Game
- Top a career (bonus if you do the career swapping and master all careers)
- Get married
- Have or adopt a baby and raise it into a child
- Have your child achieve an A+ grade
- Start a fire
- Meet the Goths, bonus points if you fall in love with one of them and/or become enemies with the other!

Livin' Large
- Make and try (or have someone try) all chemistry table potions
- Make three wishes with the genie lamp
- "Play" in the heart-shaped bed
- Get abducted by aliens
- Try the Crystal Ball
- Get a Servo
- Meet the Tragic Clown (and call the Clown Busters if you can!)
- Get a present from Santa

House Party
- Throw a great party
- Throw a bad party
- Hire a cake dancer
- Have a ghost appear
- Throw a at least 3 different themed parties

Hot Date:
- Go on a Date downtown
- See Claire the Bear (bonus if she enters your house!)
- Get smacked by Miss Crumplebottom
- "Play" in the heart-shaped hot tub
- Get the fish pond

- Go snowboarding
- Collect all souvenirs and vacation awards
- Build a snowman
- Build a sandcastle
- Try archery
- Go fishing
- Meet all the mascots (Marky Sharky, Archie Archer, Betty Yeti)

- Get a dog and a cat
- Train your pets
- Enter your pets in shows
- Grow a 5x5 vegetable garden
- See El Bandito and Henri LeStanc (and try to pet Henri)

- Become a superstar
- Go skydiving
- Go SCUBA diving
- Try the "spa"
- See how many celebrities you can spot
- Have an obsessed fan
- Earn all the awards

Makin' Magic:
- Cast all spells and create all charms
- Ride the rollercoasters
- Craft a gargoyle
- Create all baking recipes
- Win 10 magic duels
- Have a beehive
- Play golf
- Do at least 5 Magic Town quests
- Buy a house in Magic Town!
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