Admin & Mod Introductions

Please introduce yourself so we can get to know you. Even if you have been a member of Boolprop before, please re-introduce yourself and include your previous user names, if they have changed.
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Re: Admin & Mod Introductions

Post by peachy123uk »

Hello my name is Emma, or Peachy I will respond to either.

I have been on Boolprop for a while, very quiet for a couple of years and this last year and half very active.

I have been upgraded to mod to help Julie out with TGBO, Seasonal Events and other things.

I work in retail, I have two grown up children, and two grandchildren, I also have a third child who is 11 and has non-verbal autism. And love either being on his pc or tablets.

I like most music, actually getting a little old (50) some music I just don't get. Sims 2 is my favourite have tried all the rest. I like horror books or watching films, and spending most of my time on Boolprop.

If you need any help with anything, ask one of the other mods :lol: no I am kidding I will try to help the best I can. :)





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Re: Admin & Mod Introductions

Post by shannonagins »


I'm Shannon, or Shannonagins, or just Shan if you've been around Boolprop for as long as I have. I first joined the forums in 2006 guided by Candi's Uglacy and Toast's Apocalypse challenge and have blipped in and out as life happened. I've played the Sims since the Sims 1 days, and love that I got my original Sims 2 disks (which I still own for memory purposes) at Goodwill on launch day for $14 because the box was damaged. I've never actually completed a challenge or story, and my real claim to Boolprop fame was getting the Golden Plumbob way back in the day for best username haha.

Outside of Boolprop, I live in Maryland and own a chocolate and fudge shop with my best friend and mom. It's one of the first times in my life that I'm not working multiple jobs and juggling a school schedule on top. I'm married with two fuzzy children, my cats Smokie and Otto. I knit, crochet, sew, and have craft ADHD. If I'm sitting still, there's usually some sort of fiber in my hands. I love fashion and history, and really, just learning as much as I can about everything.

I'm happy to join the mod team and be able to give back to the group that got me through some of the roughest points in my life. Happy Simming!
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Re: Admin & Mod Introductions

Post by ciyrose »

Hello, and Sul Sul!

I'm Cindy, also known as ciyrose on the forums. I have been playing Sims since the original TS1 game, have played all the mainline titles, and some of the other various versions over time, but currently got myself sucked into my TS4 challenges, which I keep starting. I haven't finished many, but I love to play with challenges. I joined Boolprop back in 2019, so I haven't been around a super long time, but it was a place that meant a lot during some really tough years, so I'm excited to try and help out with admin tasks.

Outside of boolprop and sims, I love in Colorado and work from home as a Salesforce QTC Admin, although I started out as a NOC tech at this company nearly 14 years ago now. I work from home and live with my boyfriend, who also works from home. We have 1 fur baby left, Ayeka. We would like to have a dog, and another cat, but Ayeka is a "grumpy old crow" and is around 15 years old now, and we want to let her spend her remaining days in peace. I also love many crafts (knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching), reading, writing, and playing games (both board games and video games.) I have WAY too many games and not nearly enough hours in a day to enjoy all my hobbies as much as I would like, and am for sure a coffee addict.

I look forward to doing what I can to help keep boolprop such an awesome place for everyone to keep enjoying, and to support a place that certainly has supported me.

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