These Things Just Seem to Happen Part 11: NEW! 4-30-2024

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These Things Just Seem to Happen Part 11: NEW! 4-30-2024

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Let's "Boggie on Up to Sim Heaven (Get on up)" in this edition of:

This volume of saints & sinners: (36 "heavenly" slides) ... /267680453
:angel1:- Many thanks to for the use of this most heavenly background! - :angel1:
(this cover page would not have been as amazing without you)
The Bonuses!
Where did some of these happen?- the other tours!
Pg 2- Armando is standing on the steps of The Old Hollywood Shopping Center, a.k.a. the former Campus Boutiques & Waffle Way Grocery & Games at Academie Le Tour.
Go here for the full, secretive tour (parts 1 &2): ... hoppespptx (80 slides)

Pgs 3-5- happened at Astor Hall, formerly Boggs Hall, at Academie Le Tour. Go here for the full tour, sans testing "crew": ... /257197912 (64 slides)

Pg 7- the friends' house, formerly on Danish Drive, is now a part of the Sherwood Villas community, at this tour here: ... /259735961 (30 Slides)

Musical Mayhem- the songs that made my sims' hearts sing!
Get on up song Reference:
The Esquires "Get on Up" :

Roxanne Boulders/Rocks & Boulders Reference: (to quote my own teaser for this slideshow)
The original inspiration for "Roxanne Boulders":
Apparently there's no really good, legal video footage of this clip, a short parody of The Sound of Music from the Animaniacs episode "Hello Nice Warners" There was a second, longer parody (with a blonde) that is not the original inspiration.
Go here for sound-only in podcast form (0:16 in)
Go here for a clip that might be watchable if enlarged:
If you have them on DVD that might also be the way to go. :D Have fun!
The song from the end-credits of the 1968 Barbrella movie (starring Jane Fonda):
"An Angel is Love" by Glitterhouse/ Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra ... _GT1I,st:0
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