Rags to BACC

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Rags to BACC

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Based off the BACC challenge rules here, this also adds a "Rags to Riches" element.

Bon Voyage Required!

Start with 5 lots of 5x5 (or the largest your computer can handle) size.

Pick your founder sim and place them on a 5x5 lot. Use FamilyFunds cheat to set their money to ZERO.

Then, dig for treasure, until the Welcome Wagon arrives. You must "sell" your objects you dig up to the sims in the neighborhood, but they won't buy from you, until you've reached a sufficient level of friendship that they will accept a gift from you. When you give them a gift (even if it's just the newspaper), you can immediately sell anything and as much as you want from your inventory. But you MUST give them SOMETHING. Call it the price of doing business.

Once you've got some money in your account, you can start actually growing. You cannot buy a community lot until you start a home business and build it up to LEVEL 5. Once you have a level 5 home business, then, and ONLY THEN, are you allowed to buy community lots and build on them.

Proceed as usual with your BACC, except that each new CAS sim (or group of CAS sims) must start on one of the remaining 5x5 lots, and have their FamilyFunds reduced to ZERO.

Each of your five Founding Families must go from Rags to Riches. After the fifth founder household has become established, future households (from moving out or CAS sims) may pick any lot or house you choose.

The second-fifth founding households should have the option to visit the first founder's community lot (since you probably will have a community lot, just to get a CAS point). Alternately, you can move in sims into your first founder's household, then move those sims out to their own "founding" 5x5 lot, and set their money to zero. If there are no community lots for them to get some money (or no job in the newspaper, based on whatever the first founder may have unlocked), they will also have to dig for stuff and sell (via gift-giving) to the Welcome Wagon.

Remember, if they won't accept a gift, they won't buy from you, so you can't just make the gesture and then sell stuff. You must have your gift ACCEPTED before you can sell. And you can sell a lot of items at once, but when you're ready to sell again, you MUST give a gift again, and have it accepted.

When you are able to purchase and set up a cash register, then you can sell directly. Also, if you have a pet that was NOT created in CAS, you may sell that pet in the standard person-to-person interaction. There again, they won't buy from you until they know you, at least a little bit.

I tried to think of other ways an at-home sim with 0 funds and all careers locked could make some money, and couldn't think of one, so Bon Voyage digging for treasure is vital. But if you think of any, please let me know.

So, how quickly can you go from a stony-broke First Founder to a thriving city, with Five Founding Families, that have all gone from Rags to Riches, in their own ways?

And, as always, feel free to use any of your households to play a challenge.
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