Unlocking The Uberhood Challenge by clouseplayssims

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Unlocking The Uberhood Challenge by clouseplayssims

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:alert: Please check out the original post on tumblr here and the challenge creator's playthrough of this challenge here!

I found this great challenge from clouseplayssims on tumblr and thought it was a great fit for boolprop. I've copied the rules and posted them here but please check out the original post at the link above!

"Essentially, I love the Uberhood. I really do. I have a fondness for pre-mades that has existed since the game was released and it’s never gone away. But boy howdy, it is a LARGE neighborhood. I wanted to make it a bit easier to play in an Uberhood style manner, limiting the household number, and thus this challenge was born! It’s fairly straightforward.

1. Start off with Pleasantview, any Pleasantview. The goal is to unlock all subhoods by completing the requirements.

2. Bin families may be added at any point to help diversify the genepool.

3. Only “Original” or classic townies (Jan Tellerman, Ricky Cormier, etc.) may be moved in and only if there are no marriageable pre-mades as spouse options.

4. Get to work unlocking the uberhood! As you unlock each neighborhood add those sims to the rotation. For bin sims tied to neighborhoods (The Singles, the extra Capps, etc.) it is your choice when you will add them and to which neighborhood. Live your best life.

5. Any sims who have already topped a career/made an enemy/etc. prior to you playing them, those accomplishments DON’T count.

Unlocking Strangetown
Level 10 Science
Level 10 Military
3 Abductions
Move in Bella Goth
Revive a Sim
Maximum Evil Witch
Maximum Good Witch

Unlocking Veronaville
2 Enemies
5 Fights
Level 10 Intelligence
Level 10 Journalism
Level 10 Law Enforcement

Unlocking Bluewater Village
3 Level 10 Businesses
Level 10 Business
Top all 3 Pet Careers
Gold Sales Badge
Gold Register Badge
Gold Restocking Badge

Unlocking Downtown
Level 10 Entertainment
Level 10 Criminal
Level 10 Show Business
Gold Cosmetology Badge
Restore 5 Cars

Unlocking Desiderata Valley
Max Cuisine
Max Film & Lit
Max Games
Max Tinkering
Max Science
Max Arts & Crafts
Max Sports
Max Nature
Max Fitness
Max Music & Dance
Level 10 Medicine

Unlocking Belladonna Cove
Level 10 Architecture
Level 10 Athletic
Level 10 Paranormal
Level 10 Politics

Unlocking Riverblossom Hills
Level 10 Adventurer
Level 10 Law
Gold Gardening Badge
Gold Sewing Badge
Have a Successful Farm (no careers, must survive solely through farming)

Unlocking Sim State University
Complete 5 LTWs
Level 10 Education
Learn all Life Skills

Unlocking Academie Le Tour
Level 10 Artist
Level 10 Culinary
Level 10 Music
Maximize All Skills
4 A+ Student Graduates

Unlocking La Fiesta Tech
Level 10 Dance
Level 10 Slacker
Gold Robotics Badge
Gold Toy Making Badge
Build a Servo

Unlocking Twikki Island
Level 10 Natural Science
Level 10 Oceanography
Complete Insect Collection (make sure you have the mod that fixes it so you can!)

Unlocking Three Lakes
Gold Fishing Badge
Gold Flower Arranging Badge
Spawn PlantSim
Discover 3 Stars

Unlocking Takemizu Village
Level 10 Gamer
Find a Genie Lamp
Gold Pottery Badge"

Word Count: 1,100/3,500
Picture Count: 103/150
Update Count: 2/6
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