Amanda's Achievement Challenge (Updated Sept 6/23)

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Re: Amanda's Achievement Challenge (Updated Sept 6/23)

Post by ciyrose »

Woo, two families behind, time to catch up. I love both of these challenges, so excited to see how they go for you!
Shades 1-1: The house is nice, even if it's not really decorated inside. That takes time. A really good first day at work is seems! HAHA, fighting the flower bunny for more eggs, too fun. I like Eden, I think she will be fun to have around. Quite the accomplishments for week 1, great job!

Shades 1-2: Aww, I'm loving the friendship between Cameron and Oliver! Hehe, Eden being an alien is fun. Great job on all those collections, he's doing great. I feel like Oasis Springs is a great place for collectibles. Another very successful week, if not quite as jam-packed.

Cooper 1-1: These rolls are going to be fun. I have not done many murals, but I like that optional requirement, and the mural looks good. Haha, I never use streaking, that's fun. Hazel is much more the outgoing daredevil of the pair. LOL, for a half a second on the protest pics I thought it was one picture and you had a look alike. lol It's totally two pictures, but it was funny. I love their little dance outing, how cute!

Cooper 1-2: Awww, starting the week with a new baby on the way. Those moodlets are too cute. Oh that is kind of a fun mural. I really should do them more. I use them in toddler rooms with the "cute" fish one, but I should try more. Awww, Zach Cooper, welcome to the challenge! Oh my, Zach really is a cutie pie! Aww, I like the idea of having Parent Day, that's cute. What a fun update, and this is such a sweet little family.
Great updates!!! I look forward to when you are able to post more.
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