Blams' Poses, CC, and Store Content

Blams' Poses, CC, and Store Content

Postby Blamsart » December 2nd, 2018, 10:30 pm


I make a lot of sims 3 content and I thought I'd make a thread here to share the easy links to access them :D

For one I make and take requests for poses for the sims 3 which I post here:
You name it, I'll pose it!
I also have a tumblr which updates every time I post a new pose pack:

I make a LOT of CC for my story, but I haven't gotten to posting them yet. The blog itself is still under construction.

Lastly, this one needs a spoiler ;)
It started as a need to purge my launcher of all my sims3packs so I set about learning how to convert my store content into package files so I could manage them better and free up my launcher.
Since ts4 is out, I thought it would be okay if I shared the store content I was converting.
I post everything on this tumblr: Blams EA Store
I know store content is already being shared in big batches, but I'm uploading each store content object in individual packages that I then zip in a folder with the appropriate set name. So you can download just to complete your current sets, or only download the interesting parts.
As well I dont decrapify the store content or any other thing that's been going around. I simply compress it with the compressorizor to get rid of the EA block that prevents you from opening it in s3pe. I have all expansion packs and all the store content I post has been tested beforehand
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