Build a city challenge, rotations or no rotations

Build a city challenge, rotations or no rotations

Postby Jolie » August 1st, 2018, 9:59 pm

I'm playing Build a City Challenge and as it as simple on Sims 2, it definitely isn't simple on Sims 3. I have now Nraas Story Progression mod with couple add ons (population, skills) and I tried the rotations by turning off the free will from the non active household. They for example won't age, won't skill or no any major changes in their lives. (Here is a good guide how to do that.)

This way it would be perfect without couple little problems; the seasons carry on in their own cycle so the households won't have the same amount of each season, the truly non playable characters will age while playing each household and the game turns off the aging of completely after changing active household (it has something to do with the custom caste, just don't know how).

So now I have three options and I would like to hear how you have coped with your BACC neighbourhood and which would be your favourite.

1) I will try to find out solution for the "never aging" problem and continue with the rotations, playing each household for the same amount of time while having the other's free will turned off. I will make the seasons last long enough to have same season in every household. I don't mind if the truly non-playable characters will age faster.

2) I will play in rotations but having free will on, letting the other households do what they want. Same problems as in the choice 1.

3) I will have one active household that I play, that lifts the restrictions etc. The others are just "townies", helping my playable sims pretty much the same way as in Sims 2 but with story progression.

4) This is my favourite. I have one main household that I play. The new sims created to my village will live their lives on free will with some restrictions (not allowed to move the house, switch job etc) but they will age, find spouses, have babies etc. I will build them houses with everything they need, let them earn their own money, get them the careers available on the challenge and remodel their houses when need be (the family grows) and check them every now and then but I won't truly play them. If they manage to reach top of their career, skill etc. they will also lift the restrictions.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with number 4 but I would like to hear other sim players' ideas, especially if you have played BACC too.
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