A Sims 3 Royal Kingdom Challenge

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A Sims 3 Royal Kingdom Challenge

Postby mysterymusic7 » June 14th, 2018, 2:10 pm

Totally original name yeah I know. Oh well, I'm too lazy to try to think of anything uber clever. So basically I'm just not as attached to my newest attempt at a Sims 2 RKC. The loss of Avonlea's still aching almost a year later. I still have the neighborhood for Sims 2 and hopefully I'll get around to finishing it, though who knows if I'll bother documenting it as much. Anyway, I found this summer I was really itching to play Sims 3 more...I'm not near the master sim player I am with 2. So I'm hoping the added challenge/newness of most things will keep me excited for this. it seems to be working so far anyway.

So wait how is this going to work? Well I rolled dice to get number of families, class, starting hood, and starting family set-up. From there I'll be playing these guys prosperity style for 5 generations and seeing how prosperous/what disasters befall my little families. Obviously they won't be able to inter marry, but this way it will feel like an actual kingdom right with everyone spread out? Well hopefully it does...no royal family was rolled, but i'm kinda okay with that. I mean what else is for them to accomplish anyway? Hope you all enjoy!

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Re: A Sims 3 Royal Kingdom Challenge

Postby MichelleCYoung » June 14th, 2018, 8:48 pm

Oh, this is cool! Definitely a twist on the traditional Royal challenge. More of an Empire, really, and "view from the gallery" with one representative family from each town, giving their take on life in their area. If I were the empress, I'd find this all valuable information on the status of my empire and my people, and use it to decide what laws needed to be changed/enforced/ended, and the like. I like the way you set this up very much, Mystery! Cool idea!

So far, I like the families. It's a bit early to become attached to individual characters, but there are definitely seeds of interest. I want to see more!
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