The Southern Prettacy *Completed*

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The Southern Prettacy *Completed*

Post by Miss Miserie »

Welcome to my legacy, the Southern Prettacy! You may know me from my Slobacy on the sims 2, or not, probably not, but I made a new legacy on the sims 3 not long after getting Ambitions.

This is a parody of rednecks and pretty much the people I ended up growing up around. Rated, uh, higher for swearing and that stuff. Bla bla bla, enjoy it :D

First Generation
The Beginning of Something...Beautiful
Findin' a Gud Woman
Catching Amy
Love and Marriage
The Pitter Patter of Barefoot Children
Birthdays and Other Junk
The Unforeseen Death
A New Paterfamilias?
New Babies and Dead Babies

Second Generation
Lookin' for the Perfect Man
Wooing a Shark
Fires and Babies
So Much Damn Fightin'
The Slowest Wedding in the History of Weddings
Harley Ridin'
River Trip
Fishing for Life
Lisette, Tamara, and Jess
Death Party

Third Generation
A Fish That Can't Swim, Dies
Maniac Marriage
Not Just Some Legacy Babies
Quality Parenting in Twinbrook
End of an Evil Emperor
Hookers for your Birthday
Childhood Antics
The Overly Happy Lake Monster
Two Day President
Kissin' Cousins
Stalkers and Sinks

Fourth Generation
Dyin' Off and Kickin' Out
Pee Pee Wedding Party
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
People From The Porta-Potty
Please Don't Pee On Me
Death is Eternal... Oh Wait...
Repoman Repellant
The Invisible Gnome
The Secksie's Super Superbowl Special
The Valentines Day Heir Search
One Tenth a Chapter
Operation Townie Babies
Lonniebot 2000
Three Days of Birthdays

Fifth Generation
Cradle Robbin'
The Three Hookers of Twinbrook
A Nice Weddi...Oh.
The Stepfather
Worse Than A Pyromaniac
The Confrontation
The Grim Reaper is a Prick
Birthday Baby: Part One
Birthday Baby: Part Two
I Already Hate Them
Red Heels
Talking to Dad

Sixth Generation
And Now I'm Going To Starve
Cigarette Kisses
The Very Secksie American Special
The Glitch That Killed Twinbrook
Trashin' Up Sunset
A Rotting Rotter Reunion
An Interrupted Affair
Daisy and Ronda
Potato, Potato
The Wrath of Bun Onion
Soul in a Bottle

Seventh Generation
A New Start
The Fourth of July Funer-Weddi-Party
A Wish For A Normal Wedding
Tater Tot
It's Shark Week!
The New Stonewall Adventure
Stuff And More Stuff
How to Play a Banjo
Slumber Parties Giveth and Taketh Away
The Towns of Appaloosa

Eighth Generation
The Gay Redneck
Why Bella is an Embarrassment
Brokeback Haystack
The Thanksgiving That Didn't Really Happen Very Well
Christmas Cheers and Tears
Do the Robot
If You Could Redo Your Past Over and Over
The Secksie's Superbowl Special II
Love Failures
Old Faces
The Hobby of Grounding Kids

Ninth Generation
The School Crowd
Unlovable Bear
What Robots Smell Like
Time Paradox
A Gift From Sam To Bear
Til Death Do Us Part
Lost and Found Pants
Opal Airlines
Hi, I'm Still Family
Ken and Tater's One Year Anniversary
Yellow Eyes
The Blonde
The Little Mermaid Fight Club
The Last Huzzah***

EP test chapters Halloween Special 2011: The Secksie Holloween Special!
Halloween Special 2013:
The Triple Legacy Spooktacular Part 1
The Triple Legacy Spooktacular Part 2
The Triple Legacy Spooktacular Part 3

Hope you enjoy!

Sims available at the exchange!
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Re: The Southern Prettacy *Completed*

Post by Teresa »

Great job finishing. I have never really tried a genetic legacy because the sims pretty up too quickly. But I need to make a stronger effort to try. :)
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Re: The Southern Prettacy *Completed*

Post by Candi0207 »

So I read all of this. Lol, loved it. I was reading a chapter or two before bed. My favorite part was your take on Island Paradise and the sharks. In fact after reading it I had to go out and buy the expansion. Sinbad was probably my favorite character but you built all your characters really well. Thanks for a great read. And I feel for you, if you read my sim 3 legacy I've had to move my family several times. Sims 3 has a difficult time with multiple generations.
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Re: The Southern Prettacy *Completed*

Post by Boo »

This is one of my favorites! I was absolutely obsessed back in the day. I'm so glad it's still available and that you're still involved with the Sim community! Time to binge read this again... :spin:
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