Recommended Nraas Mods

Recommended Nraas Mods

Postby Rosie Thorn » August 5th, 2018, 4:57 pm

I recently installed Nraas' Story Progression mod and it made such a huge difference in my game! There are a lot of TS3 mods on his site - suggestions/recommendations on which ones to install?
Rosie Thorn
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Re: Recommended Nraas Mods

Postby Livvielove » August 5th, 2018, 5:25 pm

(Cracks knuckles)
Master Controller (+ Cheats) - WITHOUT a doubt. I use this ALL the time. Good for resetting. Quick in-and-out CAS... this is the mother of everything. It's beautiful.
Overwatch/Errortrap - two mods, do great things to keep games clean.
Woohooer - I like this for the autonomous woohooing and the "Risky" Woohoo, because it's fun for the SURPRISE baby!
Sleep Freedom - Sleep next to anyone you want - brothers/sisters/housemates can share double beds without throwing a fit.
Register - great for getting rid of Paparazzi, stray animals, wild horses, tourists and the like. This is great on small worlds where they start to pile up.
Careers - excellent pick-me-up to add new careers to your game, including the option to homeschool kids and other things. Fantastic mod for gameplay.
Tempest - helps make weather more fluid. Also picks up the damn leaves after a season has passed so you're not forever plagued by leaves everywhere.
Vector - Illnesses and Diseases mod.
Saver - reminds you to save your game every x minutes.

8+ Sim mods: These allow you to up your house above 8. Well Master Controller can do that, but these help significantly.
Portrait panel - allows your side panel with all portraits to show ALL sims in the household if it goes above 8.
Mover - Allows you to move people into an overstuffed house.
Woohooer - allows you to try for baby in a full house.

Things I use that you might not want:
Relativity - can change how fast or slow in-game time goes (this is super great for story-telling).
Debug-Enabler - a "spawn anything"/"debug anything" module. I use this a lot for my story-telling.
Register isn't really needed for normal gameplay - just depends on how much you hate/love stray animals/tourists/paps.
Go Here - fixes some routing issues that are usually unnoticable. You notice them when you're story telling and scene setting though :lol:
Decensor - gets rid of the mosiac that covers the naked sim.

Anywho, if you have any questions about anything in particular... a lot of us here are super well versed in it. :lol: That's just my resume... + some I didn't mention.
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Re: Recommended Nraas Mods

Postby Rosie Thorn » August 5th, 2018, 7:45 pm

Thank you!
Rosie Thorn
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