My Kiddos can't Leave the Dorm!

My Kiddos can't Leave the Dorm!

Postby modelmgt » June 23rd, 2018, 9:56 pm

I say kiddos, but really when 3 college sims have graduated , you can't really get away with calling them kiddos any more. . . :hmm:

Ok so here's the latest weird and problematic thing to hit La Fiesta Tech:

*for the record I'm still having the odd glitch where a lot of them come back from final exams and think it's time to go do another final.
If you don't send them to finals once it's just points(or w/e) off their GPA. Don't send them twice in a row and they go on academic probation, as though you really HAD played thru another semester.

So. on top of the above, now I can't get the taxi to come that's supposed to take them back to their home neighborhood, Schmangetown. maybe it's related, maybe not. Hence, I decided to include the above factoid.
What happens at move-out time is this:
(Scenario #1)
Girlishly fetching Sim A dials to move back to Schmangetown and gets the big window of text, in essence asking if they really do want to move back without throwing a party.
I click yes. (Get them back home so they can hook up with a spouse and start making babies!! Who cares about a party??)
They go through * part * of the grow-up animation, with the little twirl, confetti and change into new outfit.
Animation and salsa-esque song both cut off as soon as the new outfit is on Sim A, and they are now an adult and one day will be an elder. (according to the graphic below their picture).
Schmangetown Taxi does not come.
Recognizing that there is something weird happening with Sim A, I re-dial for the taxi to go back to Schmangetown, to see what happens.
This time a message-window stating that the sim is trying to move out and I must wait for that sim(A) to go, essentially, before I can send another one home. Huh.
Taxi never shows and the sim's movements from point A to point B are full of frequent stops as though Sim A is expecting any minute to catch the taxi home.

(Scenario #2)
Backed out without saving, got brought back to a point before move-out was attempted.
Scenario goes much the same as before, only when the move-out borks the first time, I tried moving out Sim B afterwards, to see if the problem was just with Sim A.
It wasn't just Sim A. Nothing prevents me from calling the Schmangetown taxi home from college for Sim B.
Now Sims A & B are both moving around annoyingly with frequent stops, as though the taxi will show any minute, but it does not, and now they're hanging out on the couch beign "max-motived" for fear of them starving or peeing themselves while waiting for a taxi that's no coming.

(Scenario #3)
Backed out without saving, got brought back to a point before move-out was attempted.
Played all 3 graduated sims through to within hours of where the game should just kick them out of the dorm, and saved.
No change of scenario beyond that; same cut-off grow-up (salsa)music and animation. No Taxi, no moving out.
Exited back to the neighborhood without saving.
If I can get these graduated sims out of this dorm, will move the one remaining player-controlled sim out to another dorms, as the other dorms are still only doing the "final exam" bug from before. The other dorms were successfully cleaned out down to 3 or 4 still doing college, and re-filled with more stinkin' teenagers-turned-college kids.

The point where the glitch happens is obvious. So. . .
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? How to fix both things?
Alternatively, anyone know how to get the graduates out of the dorm so I can try moving Sim (C? D?) to another dorm where this is not happening?
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