Fixing the Random Order and Broken Links in CAS Bin?

Fixing the Random Order and Broken Links in CAS Bin?

Postby Blue Hatter » October 27th, 2017, 1:51 am

This is something I've been wondering for quite a long time and it's finally driving me crazy enough that I've been trying to figure out some way to fix it, so far with little luck. What I'm talking about is the Sim characters that I've created (in BodyShop) appearing in the The Sims 2 Create-A-Sim bin with the wrong and seemingly random thumbnails. I'm aware that I can shift + right-click the thumbnail and it will load the correct one, but the problem is when I put the Sims into a collection folder to keep them organized for movie-making, when this random thumbnail thing happens all of the Sims in the collection folders get swapped around. I have no idea what causes this and I have no clue how to fix it.

I have quite a number of characters that I've made for my films and I like to put them into collection folders to keep them organized and to make it easier to find the characters I'm looking for when I need them, but when the random thumbnail glitch happens it messes everything up and the thumbnail will load the incorrect Sim. Say, for example, I have a folder called "Aliens", one called "Robots" and one called "Animal People", and I put the corresponding Sims into each folder, nice and tidy. The next time I load up TS2 and go into CAS and check a collection file, it might at first show the thumbnail of the character I put into that folder (or it might show some other random thumbnail), but when I click it it will load a completely different Sim, usually one that's not even in the folder. A Sim that I have set in the "Aliens" folder, when I click the thumbnail might actually load a Sim from the "Robots" folder, or one that I didn't even put into a folder. As you can probably imagine it's incredibly frustrating.

I know that a lot of people run into problems with the thumbnails and linking but I was wondering if anyone has figured out any way to fix it? So far everything I've tried has done diddly-squat...
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