Bookshelf glitches

Bookshelf glitches

Postby ShadowGem » June 21st, 2015, 6:28 pm

I was playing one of my SSU dorms and had my sim study from the bookshelf. The studying went fine but when I stopped the sim from studying all of a sudden they 'jumped' whenever they were going to use their free will to do something. It was like the free will option was somehow disabled, even if I had it enabled in the options. I found out it was the bookshelf because of the tests I ran.

1) moving sim into dorm -> study -> cancelled studying -> jump bug/disabled free will
2) moving sim out -> delete dorm then place it in the same spot again -> move sim back in -> paint -> use chess table -> study from bookshelf -> jump bug/disabled free will
3) moving sim out -> delete dorm -> put dorm in a different area -> move sim in -> do homework -> shower -> still on free will with no issues
4) went back to dorm -> deleted old bookshelves -> put in different book shelves -> had sim study from different bookshelves -> canceled study -> jump bug/free will disabled

I tried this with several different bookshelves (I have only used the base game bookshelves) and the same thing kept happening with the
study -> cancel -> jump bug/disabled free will

Anyone know what is the reason for this or how to fix it?

While we are on the topic of bookshelves my sims can't read regular books from the bookshelves, when ever i click the option the sim jumps and the option is cancelled.
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Re: Bookshelf glitches

Postby Heather » June 21st, 2015, 7:55 pm

Do you have any custom bookshelves in game (not the ones you used obviously, but any custom ones in your catalog), or any mods that might be conflicting with the basegame bookshelves? All of the times I've had the jump bug problem in university hoods, it has been caused by a cc conflict/problem.
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