Porcelain: Ball-jointed Mannequin Skin Default

Porcelain: Ball-jointed Mannequin Skin Default

Postby Heather » September 2nd, 2016, 10:54 am


I had the idea for this default when I saw some ball-jointed doll skins on google, and thought those might might look cool as a tattoo overlay/skin. Now, I have no idea how to do tattoo overlays, but I do know how to default skins! My attempt at editing some witch defaults was successful, so naturally I had to give this idea a try.

I stuck Ephemera‘s joint textures on the Leh mannequin skin I normally use. I'd like to stress that none of the textures used are mine! I left the face alone, because I wanted to have the option of putting whatever the hell I wanted on their faces, without having to commit to one thing. Using Leh's skins as a base also means that they skins aren't totally barbie; both genders have nipples. Sorry if females having nipples offends you. :sly:

The skins work for all ages, both genders. The toddler skin has a slight issue where the knee joints don’t quite line up, because it pulls the textures from the child files. I can’t fix that. The textures don’t really line up on the baby skin, either, but I had that issue with the original default. The important thing is that these skins will not crash your game if your sim gives birth.

I recommend grabbing Treeag’s unlocked creature skins, so that you can use these in-game (and have mannequin children)!

[Download - Porcelain]

Note: I do have a custom version of this available, but the joint textures are lighter than the default. The toddler knee joints also line up correctly on it. If you'd prefer a custom version of this skin, and don't mind it being a bit lighter, let me know and I'll upload it. :)
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