Coming back from Photobucket Mischief? Let Boolprop Know!

Coming back from Photobucket Mischief? Let Boolprop Know!

Postby modelmgt » November 26th, 2017, 7:12 pm

I can't find the original post/rant about Photobucket's decision-making charades this year(2017) so this can be a post dedicated to advertising when you've fixed your posts that were affected by it.
Put the links down as you fix them so that Boolproppers who've been avoiding the broken posts can find their way back!
P.s.: If more of you want to make similar posts for sims 3 & 4 players, this is your permission to do so: I don't mind at all. :)

:check: Here are mine which have been taken care of and marked as fixed:

-My signature is back up and has been tested to ensure that it links to the legacy, as normal.

Pets, Past and Present (Pg 1, 5th post down):

Share Your Favorite Lots (Pg 1, 6th post down & 19th post down):

Share Your Favorite Lots (Pg2, 7th post down):

Updates? Updates! In Photos!(my post):

The Fugly Family Scrapbook - Place Your Bets! (my post):

Edit 11-27-17: I keep finding more to fix! here's another.
Post Your Founder(s)!! (Pg1, 13th post down)
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Re: Coming back from Photobucket Mischief? Let Boolprop Know

Postby Livvielove » November 26th, 2017, 7:44 pm

Great idea Model! :thup: I thankfully didn't use photobucket but now I'll have a nice handy list to know when I can check all the good stuff out again! :whome:
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Re: Coming back from Photobucket Mischief? Let Boolprop Know

Postby MichelleCYoung » August 26th, 2018, 9:02 pm

Mine were just the pics I had in my signtures - Death burning to death (I am SO PROUD), and that's a picture from my mother's old computer which I can never get back! Also Clovis Badass frozen next to a snowman. The picture made it to the slideshow, so IF you can access Authorstream to read it, you can see it. But I don't have the presentations, anymore on this computer. BUT! I have the neighborhood back-up, at least.

One of these days, I may just have to open Authorstream via the old Internet Explorer I had to specifically download just to be able to LOOK at the presentations (I still can't log in, no matter what I do!!! Stupid Authorstream) and pull up my Open Office, side-by-side with it, and re-create those slideshows. After SimNaWriMo, perhaps?

Still, I hate Photobucket. I've practically sworn off of sharing photos, anymore. Although I do very rarely use Mediafire.

I live in dread of the day when I lose all my simming buddies because Boolprop is no longer supported. Progress is wonderful, but eventually, some lovely programmer is going to decide that we don't "need" all the old stuff, anymore. Like they did with all those wonderful old programs (OK, games. I'm a gamer) that worked on Windows 3.0, but cannot possibly be made to work on Windows 10. When I first upgraded to Windows 95, the computer guy from Windows who was on the phone with me swore up and down, multiple times (because I was nervous and asked him, multiple times), that it was all set up to take the old programs and I wouldn't lose any of my old stuff. The next day, I had a pity party, throwing away useless disks that would never work again. OK, granted, two of them were because the cat had peed on them, but even though I could have replaced them, they would NEVER WORK AGAIN!

Progress. Bah.

Anyway, this rant brought to you by "bumping," to see if anyone else has fixed pic links, because for some reason, it looked like nobody did, but surely people did, and now I'm starting to panic, and that probably means my pills have kicked in and it's a good thing I'm not screaming in a car. :faint:
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