Looking for an old Legacy from the Sims 2 website

Looking for an old Legacy from the Sims 2 website

Postby Sam_Strife » July 11th, 2016, 11:27 pm

It was a legacy series (two actually) posted by SimMasterDemos (I assume 'Sim Master' were kind of like moderators of the forums aka 'the BBS') at the now-defunct Sims 2 website (thesims2.ea.com). It was the first legacy story I truly read, therefore it's quite special to me and I'd love to find it somehow. Although many legacy stories from the Sims 2 site have been archived by people across the web, I haven't found an archive of this one yet. At the very least it'd be nice if I met someone else who also remembers it. It wasn't exactly obscure; one of the chapters was featured on the site at one point (had the little trophy icon).

And yes I've already checked this page, and it's not there: http://clockwatching.net/%7Ejack/s2/reader/

It's a really old legacy story, the first series started before the writer SimMasterDemos got Nightlife. When she started the second legacy series (the first one "crashed and burned in a fire of glitches") she didn't have Open for Business yet. I remember in the first story she married her founder to Dagmar and their kid, the heir, was a blonde called Amanda, who became a Captain Hero. Although I remember way more about the story than just that; one of the generations married in Erika the gardener who's a crazy Romance sim, her child, the black haired Nicole, got neglected but grew up to become a dutiful Knowledge sim. When it was her turn to make babies she fell victim to a glitch that forced the disease death animation (it was a common pregnancy glitch back then, 'Sudden Pregnancy Death Syndrome', a patch for the University EP eventually fixed it), luckily the pregnant Nicole and her yet unborn baby were saved due to her husband pleading for death with the reaper. Several generations later (this might've been the second story actually) there was an alien kid called Emma, with red hair. She died while pregnant, from the same glitch. Had a creepy looking ghost to say the least.

The series didn't have a specific name btw, just "Legacy by SimMasterDemos" or something. One of the chapters had the sub-title "Ender's Game" since the current heir was a black-haired guy called Ender, who looked handsome from the front but a total freak of nature from a side-view. He wore a business suit as his everyday wear.

Oh and at some point there was another alien with a black mohawk (actually he had a twin sister, thus this legacy family had alien twins at some point), wearing the Maxis outfit with all the tattoos, and he had the Pleasure aspiration (which infuriated the creator because all he wanted to do was DJ and jump on the couch). He kept the mohawk as an elder and peed himself when the family moved to a new lot (technically not allowed by Pinstar I think but hey, cut the players some slack, large Sims 2 lots can get really glitchy over time, sometimes you need to move to a new lot if you don't want things to completely mess up). I'm just listing stuff from the legacy here so that maybe one of these things will ring a bell for someone.

The second story also wasn't finished but it did get close, reached generation 8 or 9. One of the last sims was a blonde girl called India. Then just like the first one, it died off due to glitches. I remember the creator making a journal entry on her sim page saying "Craptastica." when that happened. I guess she stopped being active altogether after that.

The writing style and tone of the legacy was really similar to Candi020765's Uglacy stories, which made me like The Uglacies near-instantly when I discovered that one later on, due to the similarities causing its themes to instantly ring a familiar bell (thankfully that series DID get archived, by multiple sites no less... if that one had disappeared then I would've cried). The SimMasterDemos legacy really did introduce me to those snarky comedy legacies like Candi's where it's all about lamenting the many gameplay quirks of The Sims 2, making fun of specific townies (Goopy the fashion disaster, Marsha the psycho stalker child etc) rather than purely focusing on the legacy family in question. With countless in-jokes that only other frequent Sims 2 players would get.

Anyway, anybody have an idea where I could find it? Are there any other specific sites or blogs which archive (older) legacies and could per chance have it?
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Re: Looking for an old Legacy from the Sims 2 website

Postby Ani-Mei » July 12th, 2016, 12:54 pm

Well if no one saved them, then they're gone forever. I don't think a lot of the mods on the old Exchange saved their stories and legacies and probably let them die when the site when down. On the off chance they did, the Sims 3 Exchange might still have some of the old mods on there still so maybe try PM'ing them on that site to see if they saved their stories somewhere else.
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Re: Looking for an old Legacy from the Sims 2 website

Postby Radiochocolate » July 12th, 2016, 1:02 pm

Unfortunately, the legacy you're describing doesn't ring a bell to me, but I'll try to help you out.

Wayback Machine has some snapshots of the old website. I tried searching a bit for you already (follow this link to see the exchange page from different dates; many of them have working links through which you can proceed to "featured stories" and such), but it's a long haul. The absolute best would be if you had the old urls to the stories, but just knowing what years the stories were written could save time and effort. But like I said, it's a long haul and may leave you empty-handed.

Through a google search I found out that the user's also gone by the name demosthenes1713, which in turn doesn't give much of a fruitful search, but may be able to aid you in your quest.

I'll post here again if I come up with any other tip. Best of luck!
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Re: Looking for an old Legacy from the Sims 2 website

Postby Demosthenes1713 » October 6th, 2016, 5:46 pm

So... I came across this post really randomly while searching for an old Photobucket account of mine under this username. It's not one I've used for 10 years or so. I was a moderator on the Sims 2 forums back then but went inactive after a death in my family.

I loved writing those legacy stories and it's kind of awesome that anyone would even remember them, so thanks for that! You remember more details than I do, I think LOL. That said... It was Chloe, not Nicole, that got saved from death via the reaper. She was my favorite Sim ever and that was the only time I took the plea option for a death.

I don't remember most of the names from the first series other than Chloe, Ender and India. I always tried to go in alphabet order with the names... I remember Anakin/Annabelle from the second series... seems like I had a Damien in there somewhere who was creepy and neglected. Flash and Friday were the alien twins. Garret? Maybe? I think that may be where I ended the second one. My game was riddled with glitches. It was really hard to keep a family on a lot for too long.

In any case, someone sent me a link to a blog years ago where a fan had uploaded and saved both sets of stories. I went looking for then after reading this post, but that seems to be gone now as well. I wish I had archived them back in the day, but no such luck!
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