Medieval, Survival, and Rustic Neighborhood chat.

Medieval, Survival, and Rustic Neighborhood chat.

Postby Scribal_Goddess » April 17th, 2016, 9:29 am

(Mods, if this breaks any rules about advertising CC or something, let me know.)

So, I recently gained the ambition to make a rustic/survival style BACC neighborhood. No townies (I'll just ban them from lots) and no tech until I've reached what I consider to be a "realistic" time to introduce it. (For example, I'd want someone to max pottery badges & cleaning skill before sims got plumbing, electricity would require lots more stuff than in Nepheris' current rule set.)

To that end, I've been downloading a lot of home business type stuff from Plumbbob Keep, and am trying to test it all. Still can't figure out the chickens, much to my chagrin.

So, does anyone else play this type of neighborhood, whether it's medieval/ancient themed or not? Anyone have stories, or advice on setting one up?

And, for the delectation of our members, does anyone else know of good places for rustic and medieval items, functional or not? (I'm also overhauling my CC a bit, because I am apparently not sane.) I suppose you can throw bodyshop items on here, considering that people besides me might find them useful. (I personally won't need any medieval bodyshop CC.)

This isn't a cry for help so much as a gathering place.
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Re: Medieval, Survival, and Rustic Neighborhood chat.

Postby Amani Ceberlandon » June 5th, 2016, 3:12 pm

I love to play in the Medieval era. I just find it super fun to play sims behind the times. That's a neat site. I'd never heard of it before.
I like going to the Medieval Smithy...I've gotten lots, clothes, and some build materials and such there.
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Re: Medieval, Survival, and Rustic Neighborhood chat.

Postby MichelleCYoung » June 6th, 2016, 12:22 am

Darn! Both of the sites I use were just mentioned.

I would suggest getting the scroll phone (it might be at I'm not sure, anymore), because having a phone is fairly vital.

OH! I just remembered. has a whole collection of The Simstones. Yeah, it's Flintstones stuff, but seriously, they have useful items, such as hole-in-the-wall windows and doors (or that might be in some sort of derelict house? Darn, I wish I kept a list of where I got what) - but I do know that you can find a link from The Simstones at modthesims to getting building stuff, to make cave-like dwellings. Plus, there's the beds and stuff, made out of bone and wood. I think there's also some sort of a "shell phone."

Also, I know that some people have imported Castaway items into Sims 2, so that can be very helpful, especially on beach lots, or tropical neighborhoods. I think it was modthesims, where I got a "pee anywhere" bush. I'm pretty sure I got my pile of straw bed there. I think. Also try searching by "survival." I got SO MUCH medieval stuff from Add in fantasy elements, and you're good to go, because a lot of the stuff labeled "fantasy," is just medieval occult stuff. Witches need their bookcases and things.

I definitely recommend the pile of straw bed, and the pile of leaves bed, for starting out.

OH! I haven't done this, but I've been wondering if one could use "move_objects on" to build a little usable "house" area inside or on the deck of the shipwreck. With invisible walls and/or windows, and invisible flooring, you might be able to actually furnish the deck and make it usable for more than just playing pirates, and that could significantly add to storyline play. I got the idea when I was reading an old story - I think it was Candy0607 (??) and she had built a pirate ship (complete with Captain Jack Sparrow), and that was really neat.

I suppose it depends on how far back you want to go, after all.

I like the idea of needing to know some pottery before you can have plumbing. Many ancient civilizations used clay and/or stone pipes, and plumbing has been a thing LONG before we got copper pipes. It got lost, somehow.

Anyway, I really like playing medieval stuff. I get lots of wooden recolors for things. THere's an invisible recolor for the sewing machine, so I put that on a table, to watch the sim sew at their craft table.

So, yeah, Sims Smithy, Plum Bob Keep, and Modthesims. That should pretty much do it. OH! Also try Parsimonious. They might not have "medieval," but I know they have "celtic" recolors for a lot of things, and that can be good. I had to stop looking there, because I simply ran out of hard drive.

I need a bigger computer.
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