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Forum Rules

PostPosted: July 4th, 2014, 9:41 am
by Rhea
1. On Boolprop, always use common courtesy towards other members and treat them with respect. We challenge opinions, not people. Please be aware all topics are open to all members.

2. While posting, ensure your post is relevant and on-topic. Avoid double posting and make posts reader friendly by avoiding chat speak and all caps.

3. Boolprop is not a venue for advertising. Advertising on the forums or through PM will not be tolerated.

4. Multiple User Accounts are not allowed.

Signature Rules:
  • No blinking graphics
  • No spoilers
  • Do not overuse smilies (especially the animated ones)
  • Do not have an overly large signature. If your signature is larger than the majority of your posts, it will be removed. This includes both images and text.
  • *A good rule of thumb is to look at the length of a short post and see which makes it longer - your medals or your signature. If your signature is stretching the post longer than the medals, it might be too large.
  • The maximum height allowed for a signature image is 250px, the maximum width is 700px.

If three warnings are given, a suspension will be issued.


PostPosted: May 24th, 2017, 4:59 pm
by Teresa
Boolprop is meant to be an open-minded and welcoming site for everyone across the globe, where simmers come together to discuss our pixel adventures. In light of this we ask members to keep political discussion out of the forums and chatbox - you are fully welcome however to discuss these things privately or on different platforms with other Boolpropians! We have a no tolerance policy on racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and ideally hope to keep Boolprop a neutral space dedicated mostly to Sims.