The Rosewood DITFT Challenge - Generation 2 Heir Poll

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Vote for your heir!

Jack Rosewood
Alfie Rosewood
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Oliver Rosewood
Logan Rosewood
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Noah Rosewood
David Rosewood
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The Rosewood DITFT Challenge - Generation 2 Heir Poll

Postby nicholaplaysthesims » November 16th, 2014, 7:37 am

The Rosewood DITFT Challenge - Heir Poll!
[major spoilers!]

It’s that time already, the Rosewood kids are in college and we need a heir to carry on the family name. Since I like to play ahead you’ll notice that wherever this appears in my queue it will be a huuuuuge spoiler alert, but that’s just it with playing ahead.

If I open this poll now, by the time my queue empties in a couple of days I’ll be ready to play again. I’ve decided to leave the choices down to you, and since you don’t know much about them you can vote now or in a couple of days - entirely up to you guys! I’ll try to write as much as I can about each one of them.


Click the names of the kids to see their pictures, and their lifetime wants. Although it doesn’t really matter because as per the requirements they need to work in business anyway. But still, who am I to scupper their dreams?

[jack] | [alfie] | [oliver] | [noah] | [logan] | [david]

You can cast your vote on this poll, or via my ask box on Tumblr. If the links to the boys don’t work please let me know, I’m trying something out to avoid unnecessary spoilers to those who don’t want to see them. Happy voting!
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