The Perfect Highlanders, a BaCC [DEAD]

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The Perfect Highlanders, a BaCC [DEAD]

Postby Iya » August 15th, 2014, 11:46 pm

UPDATE (8/16/14): I've been away for so long that I'm not sure where I am with this challenge. Thankfully, I still have my notes and caps from all the rounds played that was not in here. It will be a little longer for me to update because I have to update the blog and my Sims YT Channel as well. Even though this challenge would be a slow, I hope to finish it, because these characters holds a special place in my heart.


Here's my attempt at a BaCC of my own. As usual, rules could be found here. This time around, my founder will be Marc Hunter of Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare. I absolutely love this man! :lol:


Year 2000-2009:
Summer: Hunter
Fall: Hunter

Year 2010-2029:
Winter: Hunter
Sping: Hunter | Travis
Summer: Hunter | Travis | Amano NEW!
Fall: Hunter NEW! | Travis | Amano | Steele

Year 2030-2049:

NOTE: 11/17/13 - I've moved my blog to wordpress as I'm much for comfortable with their features. The LJ links still works so you could still read the older round there.
NOTE: 11/22/13 - Noticed that I changed the name of the years and moved the rounds up a little? Since my aging mod made it 1 sim day = 1 year, and each season is five days, that would mean there would be twenty years between each cycle. I hope this doesn't confuse you too much, but I figure it's easier to get all modifications out of the way while I'm just starting than going more than halfway down the road and had to do a lot of cleanups. lol. :wink:

Rules: Updated 11/16/13.
1. Taxes = 5% x (FamilyFunds + Lot Value + Business Value + Bank Account) | Taxes will be paid at the start of every season with the exception of new households on their very first season. All paid taxes will be transferred into the landowner's account (ie. Iya's bank account). It will be use toward their university.)
2. For every public services (PS) related career, a community lot for said PS will be built. However, they will not be counted unless it is owned by a sim that maxed said career or if there's enough credit to have it as NPC own lot.
3. I thought I should mention that I am using Phaenoh's Lifespan & Summer Vacation Mod since the beginning of this BaCC. I like the idea of my kids being able to enjoy a little more of their childhood and just be what they are, being kids! And this will also give my adult ample times to do what adults do and still be able to spend time with their family and hobbies. Henceforth, my BaCC households will take a little longer than most. I had modified Phaenoh's Lifespan mod to meet my specifications. Please refer to Aging in Heavencrest for more information. :s_biggrin
4. Regarding University, when it happens, I will use CyJon's Sim Semester Change to shortens each year to one semester with one final per year. Don't worry, this won't take effect until Year 02, Spring, which is still many updates ahead. :angel:

Status: (As of lastest update)
Households: 3
Playable Sims: 8

CAS-Sims Available: 1

Community Lots: 4
* Owned: 4
* NPC: 0
Level 10 Businesses: 0
Business Tycoons: 0

Total Lots: 7
Total Public Service Lots: 0
Unowned Public Service Lots: 0

Business Districts: 0
Universities: 0
Downtown: 0
Military Lot: NO

SM: 2

Population: 16

Fires 0
Burglaries: 0
Electrocutions: 3
Graves: 0

Uni funds: $30,700.00

Greenway Groveries, Rank 9 – Marc Hunter
Sophie’s Family Restaurant, Rank 5 – Sophie Hunter
Rainshadow Fashion, Rank 7 – Haven Travis
Moonlight Dance Studio, Rank 3 – Miaka Amano


Culinary – Sophie Hunter, Level 3
Science, 1 of 1
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Re: The Perfect Highlanders, a BaCC

Postby Teresa » September 21st, 2014, 1:07 pm

Great start!
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