I'm Surrounded by Idiots TS3 (by simslia)

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I'm Surrounded by Idiots TS3 (by simslia)

Post by Teresa »

This challenge was created by simslia for TS3.

The original Sims 2 rules were developed by DylanTK with big thanks to Reggiko – last updated in 2006.

ISBI Challenge Rules
The Point:
Maintain an insane household over ten generations while only having one character under your control. Other household members are controlled by free will, and their wants and needs remain hidden to you. You will need patience and self control for this challenge.

If it is a cheat that involves money, or if it looks like a mod that = cheating in this challenge, it is. Use your common sense. No money, mood/aspiration cheats, no hacks/mods that allow you to tell your non-playable sims what to do without actually clicking on them. If something bad happens in the game, you can’t go back to the beginning and pretend it didn't happen. Save that baby and share your horror stories. My ISBI after two generations is still in the negatives, so it’s okay if yours is too. You may use same-sex pregnancy mods, but if it is a heterosexual couple you can’t use a male pregnancy mod.

Game Over: The only way you can fail this challenge is if your torch holder dies.

The Beginning
Start with a single A/YA sim (I recommend YA but if you want to have an Adult, be my guest). Customize their appearance, gender, traits, LTW, anything you like. HOWEVER, one of their traits must be insane.

Move them onto a lot with a house, or build them a house on a lot. Whichever you choose, this is where the torchholder will live for the entire challenge.

Baby Making:
Your sim must have at least two children. This goes for all torchholders. They do not have to marry or move sims into the lot, but if they do, all Sims that are not your torch holder DO NOT get controlled by you until the torch is passed. Your sim may adopt one of the two children, however, adopted sims cannot pass the torch unless they have the insane trait.

Every three generations your torch holder must take fertility treatment (3, 6, and 9).

Life With Another Sim
Once you have another sim in the house, whether or not it’s a child or your torch holder’s spouse, the fun really begins. You may not control any non-playable sim EXCEPT to send them to a mirror to take pictures of them and you may not birthday cake your Sims (except on their actual birthdays of course). You may not touch the other sims wants (no locking them in/unlocking them) you can scroll through them to see if your playable sim can buy a telescope and make the non-playable sims happy, etc.

- If a glitch takes a hold of your non torch-holder you may command them to do whatever necessary for it to be fixed. (Example: one day one of my children would not stop rummaging through garbage cans, despite a hunger bar at nearly zero. I moved him using a cheat).

- If when a partner/spouse moves in and they have a job that requires lots of control (IE any of the new ambitions jobs where you have to do clicking for them to be able to work) you may switch their job to something non-controllable. You can only make this change the day they move in.

- When your NPS (non-playable sims) become elders, you may retire them, but only on the day they become elders. If not, they are working until they die.

General Commands:
Your torch holder may use the “go here with…” option or the “call everyone home…” option on the phone

They Grow up So Fast:

Concerning Traits: You can choose traits or roll them with one exception. The first opportunity you have to choose a trait you must choose insane. If you are randomizing, I click the dice, and replace the first one that appears with insane.

Concerning LTW:
You can only choose their LTW when they become young adults. If you are choosing to go for the extra randomizing points, you must pick the first one that is available to them.

The Heir: When you pass the torch you must pass the torch to a YA, and it must be on the day they become YA. Hence, if you have five children, and the youngest is a toddler, you have to decide whether or not the oldest, who is going to be a YA, will be the torch holder. You can do this yourself or through polls but remember if they have passed more than one day of being a YA and have not received the torch, they are no longer eligible and must be kicked out of the house.


Interests, LTW, and Happiness Point Rewards:
If your Non playable sims have enough happiness points for you to use, you may use them. Controversy still exists on whether or not moodlet managers are allowed. However, if you choose to not use happiness points from spares for a generation you earn extra points.

You may not change your Sims LTW or traits using happiness points.

Service Sims:

Using the phone for anything service-related is a huge no-no (except adoption). If you have a burglar and no burglar alarm, tough bananas. If you have a fire and no fire alarm, tough bananas. My only exception to this rule is in Ambitions, because I think you have to call the police/firefighters and they don’t come automatically, but I’m not 100% sure about that so clarification on this point is necessary. If your sim chooses to leave a baby somewhere and go home and a babysitter is automatically called for you, then its negative points, but no game over.

You may not accept any opportunities for non-playable sims.

The magical backpack:
You may access all sims magical backpacks and take things from them or give things to them since this doesn't involve controlling them in any way. HOWEVER you can't click on items since that would influence their behavior directly.

Repeat the above for ten generations!

Points and Completion:
For each sim failing school – 5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don't call them but the game makes them come) – 5
Passing Out – 5
Accidental Deaths – 10
Social Worker Visit – 15
Every Birth + 5
Every Twin Birth +10
Every Triplet Birth +15
Fulfilling LTW +40
For each Sim that gets on the honour roll+5

Extra Point things that I made up that you can choose to include or not:
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation +10
Every 100 000 dollars +20
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career +10

Suggestions are welcome!
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