Sunset Valley gets destroyed and Susan ends up on Traken!

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Sunset Valley gets destroyed and Susan ends up on Traken!

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Basically I realized, what if it was Sunset Valley itself to get destroyed instead of Traken? :brrr: And Sysa Susan was the last of "her kind" :angel1: :heavybreathing:



Alolissimo! My name is Susan Wainwright, and I used to live in Sunset Valley.

It all started the last time I woke up next to my husband Boyd, in our bedroom. We sensed some weirdness happening, as there were weird noises around us, and the sky had become lavender purple. The whole house got tremating.

So we got up, as Ultra Darkness Monsters descended to Sunset Valley. A colorful, blocky one sent square, triangle, and circle blocks of every color everywhere. As we exited our home armed with rayguns, we knew that a lot of people were going to die.

In fact, I recognized that invading blackness over there.

SimPlanet was going to get devoured by entropy soon! We needed to act faST!!!

We got in the car, also grabbed Blair and Cycl0n3, and ran as fast as we could, hitting mini imp-trollz with rayguns! :fight: :pan:

Eventually we reached a strong wall of white lighting, and so we parked. Even more monsters were starting to get close to us, and Cycl0n3 decided to hit me and push me inside the wall of lighting!

When I finally (FINALY!) woke up, I wuz faceplanted against a brown stone floor in what looked like a medieval castle with Art Nouveau furnishing.

So I got up.
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