The (Un)Official Legacy & Challenge Story Update Thread: TS2

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The Legacy & Challenge Story Update Threads have been revived! These are a fantastic group of threads where you can post every single one of your legacy or challenge story updates and shamelessly plug yourself! When you post your next legacy or challenge post, then feel free to post an update into the thread as well! And as if one plug isn't enough, at the end of the month someone will come along and post a big omnipost of all the updates that have been posted within the aforementioned month.
The (Un)Official Legacy & Challenge Story Update Thread: TS2

Re: The (Un)Official Legacy & Challenge Story Update Thread:

Postby simsterlyrock » September 29th, 2017, 7:59 pm

I've got a lot of updates because I haven't had a chance to post on Boolprop in a while.

First, New Rosewick BACC: Spring2 Fraser, Summer3 Wilde, Summer3 Fraser, and Fall3 Wilde.

And Pleasantly Strange: Summer1 Smith, Summer1 Specter, Summer1 SSU, and Fall1 Broke.

Sorry for the long list of links. XD However, I've now posted links to all the stuff that's out!
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