Fugly Grandkid Opinion Time: Should I use this name?

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Should one of Myrna Fugly's grandchildren be named such a thing?

WHY. WOULD. ANYONE? Just why?? Shame on you! That innocent child! (etc.)
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Go for it! You can go the distance!! Do it for the glory(of some kind)!
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Fugly Grandkid Opinion Time: Should I use this name?

Postby modelmgt » September 28th, 2017, 2:15 am

Awhile back I thought of a name I was tempted to use in the process of naming all of Myrna Fugly's many, many grandchildren. I keep getting a conscience, however. :no:
If you don't know who Myrna is, don't worry about it for the sake of this poll, I'm just looking for an opinion from the internet. That's a good idea right? :shifty:

Some of you might recall a 3-part poll in this same TS2 Poll area betting on who(of all of Myrna's kiddos) would end up having the ugliest child of their own.
Its photos have since been claimed in the mess with Photobucket but will eventually be back up. NBD, the poll doesn't have an expire date.
-There is no naming theme for this un-chaptered uglacy so for the most part the kids' names are just whatever random horrible thing I come up with at the time. :thup:
Wait, that could be considered a naming theme. Whateva y'all; I do what I want! :nono: j/k.
So let's get to it! The name up for consideration is one I've almost used several times, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the baby-naming tunnel and if I don't use it in a few more families.. heck it'll probably get used in my wreck 'hood. No point in saying it's not going to get used at all. Freaky names shouldn't go to waste.
The name up for consideration is....

Pick the answer in the poll above that corresponds the most with your thoughts on this pressing issue in today's world. :wink: ^ ^
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