The Laflamme Legacy- COMPLETE

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The Laflamme Legacy- COMPLETE

Postby ceriselaflamme » August 29th, 2014, 5:38 pm

Generation One:

Chapter 1.0- Humble Beginnings
Chapter 1.1- Proposals, Self Driving Cars, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Chapter 1.2- An Old Nemesis Returns
Chapter 1.3- Where a Royal Court is Established
Chapter 1.4- Birthdays Galore
Chapter 1.5- Spouse Hunting and Too Many Babies
Chapter 1.6- Where a Horse Is Acquired
Chapter 1.7- Heir Poll

Generation Two:

Chapter 2.0- I Successfully Manage to Break My Game
Chapter 2.1- The Evil Stereo Gains a Minion
Chapter 2.2- Introducing the Evil Kitten
Chapter 2.3- The Birthdays Never End
Chapter 2.4- The Aliens Invade Prom Night
Chapter 2.5- Maggie Attempts To Be A Treasure Hunter
Chapter 2.6- Heir Poll, Round Two
Chapter 2.7- Gen 2 Draws To a Close

Generation 3:
Chapter 3.0- Where Demi is Even Creepier Than Usual
Chapter 3.1- When Gen 1 Genetics Come Back To Haunt Me
Chapter 3.2- I Said I Liked Clones, But This Is Ridiculous
Chapter 3.3- The End Of Generation Grey
Chapter 3.4- When The Spares Remember They Exist
Chapter 3.5- Red Flowers For a Funeral
Chapter 3.6- Heir Poll, Take Three
Interlude- The Simpocalypse and the Poll Results
Chapter 3.7- Through Purple Lenses
Chapter 3.8- Now Featuring Murderous Unicorns
Chapter 3.9- The Most Unlikely Looking Triplets Ever

Generation 4:
Chapter 4.0- With A Purple Hue
Chapter 4.1- Restyling Appaloosa Plains
Chapter 4.2- Under Amethyst Skies
Chapter 4.3- Stuck In An Endless Loop Of Birthdays
Chapter 4.4- Why Kacey Shouldn't Be a Doctor
Chapter 4.5- Heir Poll x 4
Chapter 4.6- And The Winner Is...
Chapter 4.7- As Purple Skies Fade To Green

Generation 5:
Chapter 5.0- Seeing The World With a Green Tint
Chapter 5.1- Third Time Lucky
Chapter 5.2- Drama, Riverside Weddings and Portraits
Interlude- The Laflamme's First Anniversary- Say Happy Birthday To The Laflammes!
Interlude- The Laflamme Family Tree
Chapter 5.3- Changing Of The Seasons
Chapter 5.4- Brought To You From A Shiny New Laptop
Chapter 5.5- The Rise Of Húbért And The Silence Of The Sea
Chapter 5.6- Responsibility. What's That.
Chapter 5.7- When The Zombies Take Over The Heir Poll
Chapter 5.8- Liquid Sunshine and Falling Leaves

Generation 6:
Chapter 6.0- Princess Elsa, Zombie Slayer
Chapter 6.1- Introducing The Faerie And The Sentient Teddy Bear
Chapter 6.2- Neon Orange Sunrise
Chapter 6.3- Elsa's Never Getting Out Of Here
Chapter 6.4- The Cloning Machine Is Working Again!
Chapter 6.5- Heir Poll, Sixth TIme Lucky
Chapter 6.6- A Glitch Called Melody

Generation 7:
Chapter 7.0- The "OMG WE HAVE A SNOWCONE MACHINE!" Chapter
Chapter 7.1- Of Spooky Days and Too-Dominant Genetics
Chapter 7.2- A Little Hope For Christmas
Chapter 7.3- And The Award For The Most Androgynous Kid Goes To...
Chapter 7.4- It's That Time Again...
Chapter 7.5- An Orange-Eyed Beauty
Chapter 7.6- Waiting On a Trip Back In Time

Generation 8:
Chapter 8.0- Here We Go Again...
Chapter 8.1- Autumn Leaves Shadowing The Moon
Chapter 8.2- Game-Breaking Paradoxes
Chapter 8.3- Two For Sorrow
Chapter 8.4- On The Dawn Of a New Era
Chapter 8.5- Heir Poll, Round 8
Chapter 8.6- Living The Nightmare
Chapter 8.7- Aaaand This Just Got Creepy
Chapter 8.8- Liars With Pink Eyes

Generation 9:
Chapter 9.0- Nine Times Out Of Ten
Chapter 9.1- The Three From The Sea
Chapter 9.2- The One Glitch Fiancé
Chapter 9.3- Out With The Old
Chapter 9.4- An Ali In Crime
Chapter 9.5- The Christmas Of Poor Decisions
Chapter 9.6- Back From The Brink In Time For The Poll
Chapter 9.7- Nine Seconds Remaining

Generation Ten:
Chapter 10.0- Summer Storms
Chapter 10.1- Chasing Alice Into The Afterlife
Chapter 10.2- Catching Alice
Chapter 10.3- It's All About Mi...
Chapter 10.4- Stadium Lights, A Flock of Geese and a Rainbow
Chapter 10.5- Snow From a Clear Sky
Chapter 10.6- The Chapter of Nothing
Chapter 10.7- The Final Poll
Chapter 10.8- Winning an Oscar
Chapter 10.9- Not So Humble Endings

Comments, tips, and constructive criticism are most welcome either on here or Wordpress!

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Re: The Laflamme Legacy- COMPLETE

Postby Ally » August 30th, 2014, 1:51 am

Congratulations on finishing this legacy :D Sending a medal your way.
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