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A Rainbow Blossoms | Generation One: Chapter One |

Postby Rhianna » November 18th, 2017, 1:03 pm

Hi my lovelies! Welcome to my first published Rainbowcy. This Rainbowcy will be a Differences In The Family Tree challenge, with a colourful, lovable twist. There are no set rules for a rainbowcy as far as I’m concerned, except from the fact that it has to be berry sweet! Each generation will be based on a different colour, which will make for some very exciting genetics. I’m following a colour scheme set out by Berry, which is as follows:

1. White
2. Purple
3. Peach
4. Orange
5. Yellow
6. Green
7. Teal
8. Blue
9. Pink
10. Red

Table of Contents

Generation One: Daisy Blossom

Chapter One: A Whole New World

More to come soon! :heart:
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