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Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 5th, 2018, 5:06 pm
by Livvielove

Hello there, Boolpropians!
You're reading the first (of many) story newsletters! This one will be more informative in nature as I adjust and get used to this new forum concept. I apologize for the awkwardness at first, but I promise as we move forward that it'll get easier for me (and thus, easier for you to read)! These will be monthly letters (starting on the first of next month, but we're a little behind this month) to highlight some of the awesome storytellers we have on this forum! I want to give shoutouts to new stories that start up, any stories that have reached completion, and anyone who's just on fire this month with regards to their updating! Finally, and most importantly, I'll be contacting 3 lucky winners (randomly drawn) to be our Story of the Month winners. Let's get into it, shall we?

What is this Newsletter?
Great question, self! What is this newsletter, some of you may be asking? It's a highlight of the previous month's story board activity! I'll spend the duration of each month keeping track of stories and their updating (to the best of my abilities) on this drive sheet right here! Yes, after much deliberation, I am making this one public so I can have the community check me before I wreck me! Ok, maybe that's less funny than I thought it was. In order to qualify to be on the list, your story will need to have been updated in the last SIX months. Yes look at me go with my formatting bad-self! Back on track, yes so long as you've updated in the last six months, you'll be on the list! That's it, the only requirement! Once you're on that list, you qualify to be randomly chosen (based off google's random number generator) to receive Story of the Month! This newsletter is my love-project that I'll be doing to help give our writers a boost! We have so many wonderful stories on this board that don't always get the notice they deserve and I want to provide that for everyone! Next question?

How often will we get the Newsletter?
My goal is to release the newsletter on the FIRST of every month, and no, before I'm forced to ask myself this question for you all, they WON'T be in question-answer format. I'm just an awkward turtle this go around as I figure out how I want this to look and what formatting I want to use. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion for me to this thread or to my PM inbox! On the FIRST of the month, I will put up the Story Newsletter, hand out the medals and banners to the Story of the Month winners, and reset my counters that I have for myself. I'll adjust the document (see above) to fit the six-month-since-update rule and begin keeping an eye out for stories that catch my eye (be it they're new, completed, or just having a hot-streak of updates).

What is Story of the Month and how do I get it?
Great question, person-who-is-totally-not-me! Story of the Month are three different stories, challenges, or otherwise (if you have a thread on the Boolprop Story Boards) that are given an extra boost to highlight some of our fantastic authors great work. These are chosen at random. I want to emphasize the "random" bit because I feel that everyone here is equal in their writing abilities, regardless of whether they write a "story" story or just put up pictures from their game. I want this to be done randomly so that everyone has a fair shot at receiving a medal, and once you've received one you won't be able to again for that particular story unless we've (somehow) run out of stories that have received one. In order to get Story of the Month, all you have to do is:
1. Have a story thread on Boolprop.
2. Have updated that story in the past SIX months.
That's it! No other rules or requirements. If you win by random draw, I will get in contact with you to give you a banner denoting the month you've won that you can (but don't have to) display wherever, your story will be pinned to the top of each section for the duration of the entire month*, and finally you'll receive a fancy medal! I'll try to get in touch with the winners of each month prior to the newsletter posting (with exceptions of this one, as it's the first and kind of came at me by surprise, they've been contacted today instead) so that I can get a synopsis of the story or a few images you would like to showcase - whatever you want to show off your stuff with! I want these newsletters to give a boost to these awesome stories that may not (or maybe they are already, I don't know, it's random after all!) get the attention they deserve!

*This month, seeing as I'm releasing this on the 5th of February, will have the winning stories pinned until the 5th of March. This will not stop the March winners from being pinned on the first, however. I just want to leave an equal and fair amount of time according to my own rules, and we're getting a late start this month already as it is!

A final note:
I know we're all super awesome around here, but I did want to toss in one final note that I'm only one person, and only human. When it comes to the stories I notice that are "new" or "on fire" that's an objective thing that's hard for me to measure, and if I miss someone or you feel I've done an inaccurate job with my list then please send me a PM. Know that I'm not out to exclude anyone, but sometimes I'll miss something and if you notice that please let me know so I can adjust the newsletter accordingly. The same goes for Story of the Month - if you check my list one day and see your story isn't on there or updated, let me know! It could be that I'm behind or busy, but it could also be that I didn't see it and I want everyone to have a fair shot! Also keep in mind that I just created this list last week, so I know some of the update months need adjusting to February! I'll try to update the list on a weekly basis, but it just depends on how much time I've got to spare. Anyways, if there are any more questions, please feel free to ask them here or PM me. Let's get on with the actual Newsletter!

Story of the Month Winners: February

A Wilde ISBI - a Sims 4 Legacy by mojot89



From the Author:
The Wilde's are my first ever story to get past the second generation, so for that, they hold a special place in my heart. I may have started them a while ago, and taken lots of breaks, but they're still kicking along causing me to lose my hair as I get frustrated with all the idiots who can't find a bed when there are 5 empty ones around the house. Or when teens sneak into the kitchen and set my house on fire... But they're my favorite and I secretly hope that I never finish just so that I don't have to say good-bye!

Silver Bend: A Simself BACC - a Sims 2 Build a City Challenge by Pony

Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - a Sims 3 story by Nevermore

The Snowes were rich in love and happiness, until Alicia was ripped away from them by the Grim Reaper. Their small home once filled with laughter and cheer and song, now dark and filled with grief. In her last moments, Jareth made a promise that this wouldn't be goodbye; no matter what it took. In their grief, the Snowes cling together, fighting and searching for that glimmer of happiness shining in the darkness of their future.
From the Author:
For me, Pursuit of Happiness has been a wild ride. Originally starting off because I couldn't let go of the Snowes, after their door closed in my challenge. When I started writing, honestly I didn't think the story would go on for as long as it has. Closure for a great bunch of sims, but it has become so much more than that. So many plots, so many heartwarming moments, so many sad, so much fun for quirky sims. It's an adventure, and I'm happy to weave it with them.

(Descriptions and Images to come.)

New Member Stories this month: Make sure to give a warm, Boolprop welcome!
Mutation Central: A Legacy - by Anya
Oceanview BACC - by Anya
Nicki Minaj takes on the Baby Challenge - by riskymartian
The Clemonte Baby Boomers - by riskymartian
The Lowell's | Take on the NC Challenge - by riskymartian

New Stories this month: Stop by to support our awesome members' new stories!
GageNation BACC - by MichelleCYoung
Legacy Village - by Rex
Dingle DITFT - by simsterlyrock
Dana Noir-Black Widow Challenge - by Loralie0512
Spring Valley Prosperity - by Hollywood3015
The Brennan Baby Boom - by DSLady
The Still Alive Short Dynasty - by Mpart
100 Baby Underwoods - by Loralie0512
Mims 100 Baby Challenge - by Jenn
Lamb's Redemption: An Apocalypse Challenge by Ellenyarai
Baby Boomer Challenge - by Hollywood 3015
A Drifting Nomad: A Drifter Challenge - by gretski6

That's all I've got for you this month! This is my first, so it's a little more sparse than I plan the future ones to be! Please go support some of these awesome stories, and if I missed anything give me a shout on the chat (if I'm there) or via PM!
Have a great month, Boolprop, and don't forget to check out the awesome Valentine's Day Events!

Re: Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 5th, 2018, 5:13 pm
by Mpart
This looks absolutely wonderful, Livvielove! Congratulations to all the winners! :applause: :celebration:
Thank you for the mention! :))

Re: Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 5th, 2018, 5:16 pm
by Nevermore
Yay! I'm still shocked I won! :bounce:

Re: Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 5th, 2018, 7:51 pm
by jcampbell
Great job on this Livvie :thup:

Congrats to the winners!! :applause:

Re: Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 9th, 2018, 12:55 pm
by candiedgala
I like this new newsletter. It's inspiring!

Re: Story Newsletter: February 2018

PostPosted: February 21st, 2018, 5:21 am
by Thaitanic
This is really comprehensive and well done, Livvie :) If you need any help from me with ~forum things~ or ~medals~ give me a shout ^_^