[TS4] Differences in the Family Tree

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[TS4] Differences in the Family Tree

Postby Teresa » January 8th, 2017, 12:43 pm

Differences in the Family Tree
Adapted by Arrowhead at the Sims Forums:

[Have Fun
No cheats
Life-span set to normal
Third party content is allowed
Choose the heir by any means you want

One point for each generation reached
One point for every objective completed
One half point for every optional objective complete
One half point for changing house to fit the style of each gen
One half point for using traits to your advantage for each gen
One half point for using traits to you disadvantage for each gen
Lose two points for every main goal you do not meet (for people who don’t want to insta-fail the legacy)

Generation One
“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. “
Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that a dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job.

Grow a garden with every type of plant from the store in it
Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying til you do!
Master Garden Skill
Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:
Obtain and plant every type of plant
Catch every type of fish
Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
Master Fisherman Skill

Generation Two
“I was expected to be a farmer like my father and siblings. I broke tradition. It was great.”
Life with your hands in the dirt wasn’t the life for you. You always craved to spend your time in the city and always loved when in the inner-city limits. You crave for more important things then seeing seeds sprout into plants or the days your father spent fishing, as they didn’t interest you as much as your siblings. You decide not to follow the road of a farmer, but turn to business instead.

Get to level 10 on the Business Career (any track)
Get to level 10 in Charisma skill
Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s)
Have at least one kid
Have and complete a Fortune Aspiration

Optional Objectives:
Become enemies with your father and mother (why can’t you be like your brother or/and sister?) before entering your career
Make over 50,000 in family funds

Generation Three
“My parents were always working, I was left alone. I learned how to live, how to survive, on my own.”
Your parents have always seemed to spend more time in the office then home. So you decided to go to different place and see the world outside your own town. Better than remaining at home, that was for sure.

Join the Mixologist Branch of the Culinary Career
Kiss 6 sims
Date two different sims simultaneously then break their hearts
Have kids
Optional to have kids with all three
Throw a party (any type) at least once a week
Host a gold rated house party
Have the serial romantic aspiration

Optional Objectives:
Go on at least 10 dates
Get a gold rating on at least one date.
Complete any break-up/divorce whims your sim has
Get married and divorced (at least once)

Generation Four
“The more I find, the more I type, and the more I learn of my parent’s lives.”
Your parents have led an interesting and dark life. With rich and vivid stories that were always told to you, both to entertain and warn, a creative spark was ignited in you. They filled you with the need to write and paint the images they spoke about.

Marry, woohoo, have kid(s)
Have and complete a creative aspiration
Master Writing skill
Write at least 10 books
Join Writer Career, Author Branch
Master Painting skill
Paint at least 5 Masterpieces
Join Artist career (either branch)

Optional Objectives:
Be best friends with parents (parent)
Get 10,000 in royalties
Sell 10,000 in paintings

Generation Five
“Though it might not be quite from my parents, I learned to play the guitar, and sing simple songs.”
It must be that creative gene, because you were born with a guitar in your hand. You’ve played it ever since you were able to pick it up, not caring if you didn’t strum correctly or even well. But that you knew would get better in time. As it always does.

-Master Guitar skill.
-Get to the top of the Entertainer Career; Musician Branch.
-Have at least three kids
-Get married to someone with music lover or creative trait
-Learn all songs

Optional Objectives:
-Play for tips at all community lots
-Have an affair (can be with a groupie, a maid, ect.)
-Have/ Get a tattoo

Generation Six
“I always dreamed of staying home, watching the kids.”
You’ve always wanted one of your own. So when you grew old enough you were overjoyed with knowing that you could have children one day. You’d play with your barbies, G.I. Joe, and doll house waiting for the one day to have your own babies.

Try for twins until you win!
Read a story to children at least once a week
Attend at least two children’s weddings (you may switch household in order to achieve this)
Complete a family aspiration and the soul mate aspiration
The heir must be a stay at home parent
No maids this generation
No divorcing
All children must have A’s (teens as well) before aging up

Optional Objectives:
Have at least five kids of your own
Help kids with homework every night
Adopt at least one boy/girl (one being a child)
Have every child complete a child aspiration before becoming an adult

Generation Seven
“There is always a bad apple in the bunch.”
There was something about you. You were different than the others. Could it have been you were smothered in too much love from your parents or you were just born that way. Either way, things are going to change around here. For an evil better…

Join Criminal Career (either branch)
Have one of the Deviance Aspirations
Reach level 10 in criminal career
Master Athletic skill
Master Logic skill
Have one child (you want the perfect evil child)
Befriend child

Optional Objectives:
Pull pranks on family and neighbors

Generation Eight
“I won’t end up like you! I won’t! I won’t.”
You were their perfect child. And you disliked it, even more so when you realized that your parents were criminals.

Join and reach level 10 of the Writer career, Journalist side branch
Reach max Charisma
Commit one ‘crime’ or prank
Donate to charity every Saturday
Get married as adult
Have three babies

Optional Objectives:
Get into fight with parent(s)

Generation Nine
” ‘Real’ friends? They are my real friends.”
Your parents were often busy with their own lives, chasing down some invisible evil. You took solace in the digital realm, finding comfort and support through forums, video games and social media sites.

Once you meet a sim you may only socialize with them through the computer (the exception is other sims in your household) until you become friends with them. Once friends, you may travel with and invite over that/those specific sims.
Join the Tech Guru career (either branch).
Complete the computer whiz aspiration
Max out programming and video gaming skill
Have at least two children

Optional Objectives:
Win 3 professional gaming tournaments
Earn 10,000 via live streams/social media sites/designing your own apps
Start your own social media site; have over 100 follows

Generation Ten
“Playing cops and robbers as a kid, I always wanted to kick bad-guy butt.”
You always wanted to take out the bad in this world. And no matter what you’d try your hardest to prevail over the evil in your town. That was your motto anyway and thus is why you trained yourself so as to be great at what you do. You got married early and had kids shortly after that so when you became an adult you were already settled down.

Join Secret Agent career, Diamond Agent route.
Max Logic skill
Max Athletic skill
Have a kid or two while a young adult
Marry someone when young adult
Donate to charity once a week

Optional Objectives:
Have a best friend
Have at least two friends

Generation Eleven
“Helping people out was something I was raised on. Sometimes, a laugh was all I could give them, and it was always more than enough.”
Your dad taught you that people were always to be helped out. You’d help the old lady across the street, be the shoulder your friend cried on, give money to the homeless. But you wanted to do more. You’d make this world better, one laugh at a time.

Join the Entertainer Career, Comedian Branch
Max Comedic Skill
Be friends with siblings and parents
Complete the Joke Star aspiration
Tell at least one joke per day to another sim

Optional Objectives:
Write ten comedy routines
Max Mischief skill

Generation Twelve
“I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated with science, the Earth and space. The unknown is enthralling.”
Despite the fact that your family has never placed any importance on science or education, you always found yourself gazing up at the night sky. The mysteries the stars held propelled you into your studies and eventually into your career.

Join Astronaut career (any branch)
Max Logic Skill
Max Handiness Skill
Reach level 10 of astronaut career
Have kids (as many as you’d like)
Have a small garden
Complete the nerd brain aspiration.

Optional Objectives:
Get married
Get rocket science to level 10
Grow the UFO plant

Generation Thirteen
“Food, food, food, I always liked making food. I blame my parents. They had a garden.”
It was from your father and mother that you found your way into the kitchen. You’ve always like to cook since you were able to touch the stove. Fancy dishes would be your specialty. It was just something that always kept you going.

Join Culinary career career, Chef branch
Reach level ten in the Chef branch
Max cooking skill
Max Gardening Skill
Complete master chef aspiration

Optional Objectives:
Cook all meals for family

Generation Fourteen
“Laziness? I wouldn‘t call it that. I‘d call it heavily thinking about tomorrow.”
You never felt like doing a lot of work. Not even for a moment did it appeal to you to play ball or go around playing tag with the other children. It wasn’t anything that interested you. In fact you’d rather spend the day watching TV, reading books, or looking for rare fossils. Besides it wasn’t like your parents yelled at you or anything.

Marry and woohoo a sim of your choice
Have only two kids
Do not get a job (spouse can but the ‘heir’ cannot)
Do not help kids with homework or read them books
Read 15 books
Collect all gems
Collect all frogs
Collect all collectables

Optional Objectives:
Don’t change dirty diapers.
No skill that lowers fun is to be learned
Flirt with 3 sims in town
No dish cleaning

Generation Fifteen
“Motivation is key to success.”
Your mother/father’s laziness disgusted you growing up. You never understood why they didn’t take care of themselves; why they never achieved anything of importance. You promised yourself you would never be like them, tossing yourself into sports from a young age.

Adopt one child sim
Have at least one biological child (being married is optional)
Join athletics career (either branch)
Max out Athletic skills
Have and complete the athletic aspiration

Optional Objectives:
Have 20 friends
Max out a popularity aspiration

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