Random Legacy Challenge TS3 (by Severedsolo, et al.)

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Random Legacy Challenge TS3 (by Severedsolo, et al.)

Postby Teresa » July 6th, 2014, 5:24 pm

The Random Legacy Challenge was initially created by Tigger89 and then overhauled by Severedsolo. It is currently administrated by the team of Severedsolo, Calisims, Mimi250, NutsandDolts, CinderEmma, and CyyKosis.

The basic premise of the challenge is to play a Legacy Challenge where you roll a set of random parameter's to determine how your Sim's lives would be lived out, with rolls ranging from the Marital Structure, right the way through to careers, and goals for your Sim's to complete over the course of their lives. The fundmental philosophy behind the challenge is that it shouldn't fundamentally change the way you play the game. Although there are challenges and goals to complete, for most of the time, you should be able to play the game the way you see fit.

The Rules
The Optional Rules
The Official Random Legacy Challenge App
Ask questions here

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