Impossible Want Legacy by Leonharryah666 (TS2)

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Impossible Want Legacy by Leonharryah666 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 11:29 pm

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I am pretty sure this has not been suggested or created yet, but I have a suggestion, a new type of legacy that I hope some of you will try out.


I was thinking, playing on my own legacy family, and I saw one of my sims had an Impossible want to fufill. Of course, I felt obliged to fufill it. Wouldn't anyone? It took me ages to fufill it. I even had to cheat and change my sim to a zombie, to make sure he fufilled it in time before his death. And then I came up with the idea. Here are the rules/suggestions to start your own Impossible want legacy.


Here are the rules of how the legacy works;
You have to complete a ten generation legacy by also completing ALL the impossible wants that there is. You can read the Impossible want listings on the legacy challenge rules. By the end of ten generations, you must see how well you have done. If you have managed to complete all the impossible wants, then your markings are 10/10. If you complete one less, then it's 9/10 and so on and so fourth.
To achieve it, you have to get 10/10 Impossible wants completed. You may choose to do a legacy challenge with it, or not.

-Create your founder. It has to be a Young Adult, and it must start off in college. It can be either gender.
-Choose the first Impossible want that you want your founder to achieve.
-Start getting your act together in college, bringing your founder lots of skill points.
-Your sim MUST graduate college, otherwise you have failed.
-Move your founder onto a 4X4 lot. You are left with a reasonable amount of money. Use it wisely from then on. You may choose to build a house or not.
-Mark down how you get on. You may NOT complete the same Impossible want more than once.
-Spread the Impossible wants down through the generations so it evens it out. Or, if you're feeling brave, you could get your first generation to complete the Impossible wants, leaving the rest of the legacy to be an easy getaway!
-Count your finished score.
-At every generation, you MUST breed six children, no more and no less. If you don't, you've failed.
-You certainly must NOT cheat in your challenge, that includes boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, kaching, motherlode or anything else.

Are you up for it? Well, I hope you will give it a go. I have yet to attempt it. Speak to Pinstar about legacy challenge rules. Thank you everyone!

Note: If you do not have college expansion pack, then just start your founder of immidiently in a 4X4 lot.

Thanks! Signed Leonharryah666 ~~~ 8-)
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