The Giver Challenge by Cwally (TS2)

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The Giver Challenge by Cwally (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 12:08 am

(Saved from a web archive of the original Boolprop FightTheAddiction false! Source:

Yeah, this is just something I got the idea for awhile ago, and so I thought I'd post it and see what everybody thought. =D
It's sortof based off the book "The Giver".

The challenge is different from a legacy. Yes, it's 10 generations, but the
main goal of the challenge is to strive for perfection. You should try to get good looking, nice sims, a big, cool house, top of career.. Everything ordered and precisioned perfectly (No unexpected events), maxing all skills.. But the goal of the challenge, is to choose your idea of perfection in a legacy, and go for that.

Children: For each generation, there must be two, and only two children. If the pregnancy results in twins, then that is an exception, if they aren't identical, or the same gender. If the second pregnancy is twins, you must kill one of them. (Any way you choose.) There must be only one boy, and one girl.

Elders: No Elder may die of old age. Once a sim becomes an elder, they must move out to another lot. This is the house of the old. There, at the house of the old, you can play them. But their death must be orchestrated by you. The receiver of memory is exempt from this rule.

Jobs: You may not choose a job for a sim based on their LTW or other wants.
To choose a job, roll a dice twice. Add the numbers together.
Count from #1 from this list. If you roll an 11, it's Athletic, since rolling a one with 2 dice rolls is impossible.
5.Law Enforcement

Your sims may not go into a University job. (Paranormal, Natural science, Artist, Show Business..)
If you roll 12, roll again.
Teenagers must get jobs as soon as they become a teen.

Dice rolls:
There are some exemptions to the rules with dice rolls. When a sim is born, roll a dice. If you get a 1, that sim is a birthmother. (Even if it is a male sim :p) They can have 3 children. Identical twin rules still apply, though.
If you roll a 6, they are chief elder. You can choose the job of their sibling. If you roll a 3, roll again. If you get an odd number, that sim is receiver of memory. There can be only 1 receiver of memory per generation. If another kid rolls the same as the first kid that was Receiver of memory in the same generation, you must kill the second kid to roll it. The receiver of memory is completely exempt from all elder, job, sameness, and memory rules.

Marriage: Sims cannot choose their husband/wife. Every marriage must be arranged by you. They can't marry anybody they have chemistry with before your decision, unless you choose to have them marry them.
If they don't like who you picked, too bad. :twisted: The receiver of memory is exempt from this rule.

Sameness: The whole legacy must have some aspect of sameness. You can have them all have the same hair, wear the same clothes, same eye color, whatever. But there must be some sameness. No individual sims. (That means no aliens, zombies, or vampires.) The receiver of memory is exempt from this rule.

Memories: If a sim has 5 bad memories (Not including death), they need to be killed. They get off if they are under a teenager. Try to keep the death discreet. The receiver of memory is exempt from this rule.

20 points for each receiver of memory
5 points if your sim likes their chosen spouse
5 points for each good looking sim
2 points for each skill maxed out

-1 point for each 5 bad memories for a sim (death doesn't count)
-5 points for each affair
-5 points if a child is taken by the social worker, or gets a D or below in school.
-10 points for each elder dying of old age.

So, what do you think? I really hope this idea is liked..
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Re: The Giver Challenge by Cwally (TS2)

Postby MichelleCYoung » July 19th, 2017, 8:32 pm

I like this!

I am a bit confused about the exceptions to the die rolls for careers. Please clarify for me. What I'm understanding is:
At birth, you roll a six-sided die. If it's a 1, they are birth mother, if it's 6, they are chief elder, and if it's 3, you roll again. On the second roll, if it's even, they are the Receiver. If they roll 2, 4, or 5, or else a 3 followed by an odd number, they then do the 2-11 roll for their career, at their teen birthdays. Is that correct? And it seems that the first baby to roll Receiver becomes Receiver, but any succeeding child to roll Receiver during that same generation must be killed?

How do you define a generation, please? With so many multiple households, that can be a bit iffy. Would it be based on the Chief Elder's household? Chief Elder being chosen by the first baby to roll a 6 (or the first CAS adult?). If you're rolling, I guess it is not a hereditary job, so that particular household's generations would be irrelevant. Personally, I would just count how long it takes for the first child born in the game to reach adulthood, and then count the days, and call that length of time "a generation," the same as "years" or "months" or "a decade." That length of time is called "a generation." That would make it all the same. Remember, in the book, it didn't matter what date you were born, everyone was considered the same age as any other child born within the same year, even the ones born January 1 and the December 31. Having a set length of time just fits. Or say 5 weeks is a generation, which gives a little bit of wiggle room before conception.

As for birth mothers and children born within marriage, in The Giver, the couples did not give birth. The birth mothers gave birth, and the children were delivered to the chosen parents. I think this could be done by moving a birth mother into a family, to deliver the child, and then moving back into the Mother's House. Use Boolprop to set up genetic mergers with the sims of your choice, and to enable male Birth Mothers to give birth, and no messy courtship is needed. SAMENESS! Also, "love" is "imprecise language," and not allowed. Birth Mothers have artificial insemination. In the book, they were allowed to relax and be pregnant three times, and then they became workers, doing the most menial jobs. Perhaps amend the job rolls, and pick one career for Birth Mothers to take, after they have their three children? I'd recommend either Criminal or Slacker for that. Also, this simplifies the die rolls, because you go from 2 to 10, with 11 and 12 being re-rolls.

Marriages can be arranged by pulling names from a hat, or the randomization routine of your choice, or perhaps alphabetically, or whatever. With SimBlender or Boolprop, then spawning the SimModder, you can quickly assign the couple a love relationship long enough to get them married (or with SimBlender, just assign them to be married, regardless of relationship), and then reset the relationship to neutral, and let them go from there.

If you have FreeTime, you could have one community lot (with all the stuff your sim needs to stay there a long time, including tents on the lot for sleeping - no cheat required), and have a sim, or group of sims run the "business," where they sew the same outfit for each age and sex, and then give the full wardrobe to a representative from each household. You only need to do this at the beginning of the game, or when there is a new household. That way, every single sim can wear the same clothes, except when they are wearing their work uniforms. Alternately, you can choose "uniforms" for each type of sim to wear when not in a work uniform. Uniforms for the Birth Mothers, for example, or for Chief Elder. Giver and Receiver can wear whatever they want, if they can get their hands on it, or make it themselves.

Art would be largely forbidden as both unnecessary, and inherently not "the same." Therefore, the only easel allowed would be in the house of The Giver. Creativity skill would be built by musical instruments, only in pre-approved areas.

All families would have the same number of sims, therefore they would need the same number of rooms. Have a standard house plan in the Houses Bin, and plop one down for each family. The Giver can design his own house, and make as many changes as he wants. Note- if you design this house in University, and play it through with a senior in college, and let them graduate and move out, the furniture will stay! That way, the houses can all have the same furniture, as well as same layout. I think there may also be a downloadable object to keep furniture on a lot, when it is loaded. A shrub or something. Anyway, if the families have all the same furniture, at least to start with, and perhaps are allowed to purchase something new at specific times, such as birthdays, it will enforce sameness, while still allowing you to have something on which to spend their money. That and a venue, a grocery store, restaurant... The options for spending money get to be kind of limited, don't they? But with career rewards, either they won't be allowed at all, or else they will add variation to each household, over the years.

Perhaps, the houses can remain the same, but each household (including the former Birth Mother household) gets to own one business, where they can plop down their earned career rewards, and all members of the society would be allowed to visit these lots and use the career rewards there.

No such thing as Private School. All children get the same schooling, of course. Unless you do a Simlogical school, which would be great!

Yeah, this could be really fun (or soul-crushing) to play. I think either you'll get enmeshed in the challenge of creating Sameness, or else you'll be sucked into the subversive aspects of making your sims have real personalities that challenge the Sameness. So how long The Powers That Be can enforce the Sameness, before Revolution takes them down, and adds color and variety to the world.
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Re: The Giver Challenge by Cwally (TS2)

Postby Taube » July 29th, 2017, 4:04 pm

This does sound intriguing. :hmm: I think if I were to play, I'd go for sameness and then roleplay a 'happy ending' revolution for the community. It may be "perfect," but this is a dystopia after all. ;) If you really like order, though, I can see that being enticing too, or a challenge if you don't and like forcing yourself to do things!

One note, MichelleCYoung, while using a furnished university house works perfectly for getting the furniture, it can interfere with pregnancies that take place on that lot back in the main neighborhood because it still has some kind of internal 'university' markers. The Stay Things Shrub a little ways down that page is the better option. I had the hardest time figuring out why a sim's pregnancy wouldn't progress once on a former college lot copy placed in the main neighborhood and I finally dug up this info, so before someone else suffers the same fate of intense research, allow me to add my two cents. ;)
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