Neglecting your family friends? Need to catch up faster?

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Neglecting your family friends? Need to catch up faster?

Postby modelmgt » October 4th, 2017, 1:26 pm

I've found(in Sims 2 at least) that if you've neglected a lot of family friends, there's never enough time in a sim-day for calling and conversing with each friend you're behind with individually. :no:
I don't know if I'm just the last one to figure this out, but I've discovered a faster way to catch up with all of your sim's family friends, if they get behind and need a faster way to get caught up!

I call this trick "Circle of Friends": :hugs:

Pick a time in-game when your sim is in a good mood all around, and has time to spare, say several hours to an evening in game-time.

Call up the friend in your relationships that has the lowest friend-score, that will still be likely to come over if invited(at about 25 or so).
(anything lower and you just have to have the sim call and talk the friend's ear off when your sim has low social)

Invite that lowest-scoring friend(no less than 25 score) over. While you're waiting for that first sim to show up,(provided they're home) invite over 2 or 3 more. You'll have at least till then before people start arriving.

Get everyone greeted and if they start wandering off to various parts of the house, call one of them over.
If you can, nab one of them immediately by getting your sim to talk/hang out with the one friend.

Once they're hanging out, if you have your sim selected, you can click on each of the other friends and have them join the hang-out party.

If they get up for a bathroom-break, let 'em pee but then call them back to join again.

Watch your sim's needs, and when they get hungry, have them get up and make/serve food for everyone. Provided that it's not getting towards midnight, the needed friends should hang around and have a meal with your sim, giving you even more time with them. You're feeding them; what's not for them to like?

Of course if any one of the friends bails on the hang-out and goes home, you can always invite them back over next time, along with another batch of friends. :-)

EDIT: If the wanted friends are needing fun, a water-balloon fight or kicky-bag session can entertain multiple sims.

Let me know if this is helpful, or if any of you have better and faster suggestions, short of cheating for friends. :thup:
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Re: Neglecting your family friends? Need to catch up faster?

Postby Lorinsv » October 11th, 2017, 11:47 am

I wish we had a "Like" button :)

In the past I've used scored Outings a lot to make and maintain friendships, but recently I tried the outing "just for fun" option and it worked really well for gathering a group of Sims to socialize with, without the pressure of raising the outing score. I've also read that outings for fun is the way to get Sims to dine out at a restaurant at the same table - haven't tried it myself, but I'm going to, because I have never been able make that happen, even with family members.
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