A Random Request...3t2

A Random Request...3t2

Postby CandyHarlequin » September 6th, 2017, 11:45 pm

Okay everyone, this is driving me CRAZY! I am looking for someone with the desire and time to convert and add to two sets from Lisen08 over at MTS. Let me illuminate you:

I am IN LOVE with Lisen08′s Southern Charm and Southern Charm II sets…unfortunately, I am in the middle of a HUGE recoloring project (don’t ask) and on top of that I have not the knowledge or skill to do conversions and meshing…(and honestly, I am terrified to try).

So, here’s the thing: I would be ever SO grateful to someone if they would not only backwards compatible this stuff with S2 - but also expand the sets with a tall and short gate, double wide doors and windows, and arches…

Now, for everything cast iron I need a decent metal texture applied, but in a color that is not too dark or light so that I can MASSIVELY recolor it. As for the wood items, I have textures I would like to use for those so just a simple texture works (though feel free to be as artistically picky as you would like).
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