Boolprop Chef Round 40

Boolprop Chef Round 40

Postby Gryffindork » April 28th, 2018, 6:31 pm

.::.Boolprop Chef - Round 40.::.

Round 40 Theme: Picnic

After a seemingly never-ending winter (for us Canadians at least) it's finally time for some sunny days and another round of Boolprop Chef! For this round, we're packing our basket and getting together for a big old spring picnic, so post a picture of what you'd bring to share with your fellow Boolpropians. Of course we'll need finger foods, sandwiches, dessert, and beverages, so your options are wide open for this one. Bonus points for photographing your food outdoors!

Deadline: ~May 28th

Note: We are trying out a new month-long format for Boolprop Chef themes - feel free to post any feedback in the Suggestion Thread. :)

If you have participated in 10 Boolprop Chefs, send a PM to Ani-Mei or Gryffindork and we will award you a medal!

And remember to claim your 30 team points for participating!

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