Your favorite EP so far?

Favorite EP so far?

City Living
Get Together
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Get to Work
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Your favorite EP so far?

Postby Laura » April 30th, 2017, 5:19 pm

I currently own 0 of the EPs for TS4 even though I play it regularly. Anyway, I was thinking branching out and purchasing 1. Before I did so I wanted to hear other people's opinions.
Are you just happy with the base game? Do the expansion packs add a lot? If they do, which one is your favorite and why? Do you regret buying any?

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Re: Your favorite EP so far?

Postby Taube » May 1st, 2017, 10:33 pm

I have all the packs, so maybe I'm not the most discriminating player to take advice from, but I do think each adds some interesting stuff. City Living, in my opinion, adds the least if you're playing a legacy or something similar, but if you think you'd like to play in apartments and you're interested in the festivals, it can be fun. I like the new semi-active careers. I actually am running a legacy from one of the penthouses, so you can make it work. :) The festivals don't change at all, so if you go a lot to them you'll probably get bored. Some of the clothes and hair are cool, but some are pretty out there. That may be a positive or negative depending on your play style. It comes with some pretty nice build/buy mode stuff.

Get Together is pretty important just for clubs. The club system is really versatile and you can customize it for different things, like increasing a certain skill, making it easier to befriend or romance sims, or even have your club clean and repair your house. However, unless your sims are very social, a lot of the rest of this may be non-applicable to your everyday play style. If on the other hand partying every night is your thing, this is probably your pack. Windenburg is the best of the three EP neighborhoods, in my opinion, and there's a lot of cool stuff to explore, and the NPC families that come with it are interesting, so new characters may be a draw. I think this is the pack that added all the invites every which way. My sims get texts from just about everybody to go party at the bluffs at like 3 a.m. Also have had several children be invited to be part of the Partihaus club. :shifty: So those are entertaining to me but annoying to others.

I voted for Get to Work just because I really like the active careers. I actually haven't touched retail at all because I know I hated running shops in Sims 4 except for venues, which are unfortunately not included in this pack. Being a doctor, scientist, or detective is really fun though, and it can break up some of the monotony in long-running challenges to head off to work. You do have to be creative about what you do at work to avoid boredom, though, because a lot of the tasks repeat often. I decided that my (evil, mean) scientist would do as many of the tasks that required her to harass her coworkers with her Simray as possible, and that kept me pretty amused as she tormented her coworkers day after day, freezing them, making them change into inappropriate outfits, and changing their hair and whatnot. I also really love aliens, so that's the other part of my vote for this. The aliens are fun to play with, though the constant 'discovery' of them can be annoying, but if that bothers you there are mods for that. I like their appearance and exploring Sixam is fun for a while.

None of these are earth-shatteringly awesome, but each does add stuff. It really depends on what you like to do most in the game. That should guide your choice. I don't regret buying any of them. I hope this was helpful!
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