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Re: Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - Update 10 - 3/1/

PostPosted: January 7th, 2018, 2:23 pm
by Nevermore
A lot has happened! Practically every time I play, I end up with at least 50 snapshots! :O

The wavy curls do suit Taya. The other one was nice, but not quite her. Okay for a temp hair. :yes:

Never again will I forget to add him! I wouldn't call Hoggle sweet, but yeah, I am loving the Uncle/Nephew bond. Hoggle is more a grouchy rough around the edges coward, that is somehow loveable. :D

:lol: Never again will Sarah and Jareth battle so hard for something again! Total props for Taya for having the smarts to step in and take it right under their noses. She is a clever girl.

:lol: Gator kills me sometimes. He is so clueless.

Re: Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - Update 11 - 17/1

PostPosted: January 17th, 2018, 3:03 am
by Nevermore
Taya: "Tomorrow is the day I tell him."

I have to admit, I just love how Taya's room turned out. This one looks much better than the tiny one she had in the cottage. The stars and the rainbows is just so her! Everything about it has a bright and pretty studio look about it. She even has two easels to create art on, though she has been slacking on that.

Taya: "Wilhemina, I know you are looking forward to this family day out, but I really need to talk to Dad..."
Wilhemina: "About Bridgeport?"
Taya: "Yes."
Wilhemina: "I understand."

Wilhemina in her garden! She is mostly watering and tending to the same old crops. I mostly took this snap so I could make a livejournal icon of her. :hmm: That old lady in the background has been a major stalker lately. If she isn't wandering the garden, she is constantly ringing the doorbell. Damn paparazzi! :fisty:

After a spot of gardening, she sat down to watch the Gardening Channel. Her skill is coming along nicely, she is almost at 8 skill points.

Sarah's cooking skill was at a standstill, so I sent her to the bookstore to get a vol.3 cookbook. While she was there, she got a gardening book for Wilhemina, so she can skill on her own without anyone else picking it up by joining her at the TV.

She got studying, and that skill bar shows her at full bar, almost ten points! :bounce: She did get them, and could return to recipe books. :lol: Look at Gator!

Gator: "Wow, my wife is hot. Even reading a book, she is so...."


Fun fact, after this, Gator fidgeted. Sarah stopped reading, and ran to the toilet in the kids' building to be sick. I had to return her to the sofa to carry on reading. I think he might have... :fart: :whome:

Taya: "Dad, you know Bridgeport?"
Jareth: "I do. I've known about the city since before you were born."
Taya: "Have you been there?"
Jareth: "No. Not yet."

Jareth grilled up some tofu dogs, because they were both hungry.

Taya: "You know they have food trucks? They park up on the curb, and you can order anything really. Good greasy food."
Jareth: "You can get good food here, if you grill it or cook it yourself."

Taya: "And there is this cutest little diner, surrounded mostly by ocean. You can eat food, and look out at the sea!"
Jareth: "Like right now? You have a view of the ocean right behind me."

Sitting by a pit fire! Taya had to roast a marshmallow, even though she had just eaten a hot dogs. I adore this girl so much.

Taya: "And there are so many cool places to hang out. You know they have this park with loads of flowers and butterflies!"
Jareth: "If you want to see butterflies, ask your uncle. Gator has a sixth sense for butterflies, or a weird fixation."

They headed over to Varg's Tavern because it was getting late, and there isn't a great amount of things to do on La Shove, other than eat, swim and play the crane machine.

Taya: "There are so many amazing clubs. Games like this, and hot tubs. Bars where you can drinks, just like Drinky Grandma used to make."
Jareth: "You don't need to go to Bridgeport for that."

Taya: "And dance floors, with all the colours of the rainbow... Everything feels like a dream..."

Jareth: "Taya, you have dodged what you really want to say all day. Just tell me."
Taya: "..."
Taya: "Dad, when I graduate, I want to move to Bridgeport. Maybe not forever. I just want to go there, explore, have my own adventure, and find out who I am. I can't do that here. Moonlight Falls is wonderful, but it is such a small place. You can see everything there is to see within a matter of days. Dad, if you say no..."
Jareth: "Taya."
Taya: "If you want me to stay, I guess I'll have to. Find my own place here..."
Jareth: "Taya."
Taya: "Dad?"
Jareth: "If you feel you have to go, I'm not going to stand in your way. I do love you, and I will worry about you every day. Just because I never wanted to strike out on my own, doesn't mean you have to do the same. I have been putting off a concert tour to Bridgeport. How about you come along? We can see what Bridgeport is like together."
Taya: "Dad... I love you so much."
Jareth: "Love you more, Sweet Pea."

The sink broke again. :timebomb: So, I sold it! The water on the floor is for the old one. I bought the most expensive sink, and hopefully that will break less. To make sure, Gator is upgrading it to be unbreakable.

And is that Wilhemina cleaning?! :yes: Her traits were kinda awful, so I bought her the Mid-Life Crisis LTR, and changed them to reflect the personality I've portrayed her. Now, she has Green Thumb, Brave, Family-Oriented, Neat (you're welcome, Taya!), Great Kisser (You're welcome Jareth... :flirt: :smooch: )

:O Is that Jareth playing the guitar without a skill bar?! :yes: He finally mastered guitar! So that's 2/3 skills down! His LTW is coming along nicely.

Back to brewing more elixirs. WHAT IS HE PLANNING!!? :fisty:

Poor Hoggle! It's not easy trying to do homework with Taya around. :lol: Taya made me laugh. The way she was dancing looked like she was trying to do the Thriller dance. I would have collapsed if she started moon walking.

That's Sarah in the background playing chess, skilling for her career.

Some father and son bonding time. They sat down to watch the fishing show. Then they can gain some skill points together.

Gator also got a 2 trait change from Mid-Life Crisis LTR. I switched out Gatherer and Hates the Outdoors to Absent-Minded and Loves the Outdoors. He still has Excitable and Slob. I can't remember is fifth trait.

Jareth: "Mama, are you sure I am doing the right thing? Taya has her heart set on it, but I don't want her getting hurt and me not be there for her."
Alicia: "Taya is a outgoing girl, she needs to head out into the world and find herself. Starting over on my own was the best decision I ever made. I found your father, and was blessed with you and your sister. I dread to think of how aimless my life could have been, had I not come here."
Jareth: "I just worry about her..."
Alicia: "The worry never goes away. I never stopped worrying about you and Sarah. You are all grown up now, but I still think of you as my curly haired little Goblin Prince, who I used to carry around and cuddle."
Jareth: " :blush: "

I found this so cute! Wilhemina had spend a couple of hours in her garden, just after she came out, Jareth walked up to her and started serenading her with his guitar. She really liked it. Not that I blame her! I'd love to have a handsome rock star play the guitar for me too. :flirt:

After work, Gator and Sarah headed around the back of the building to get a little romantic. Some paparazzi stalked them around there. *gasp* A married couple who have been devoted to each other for 56 days, were high school sweethearts and destined to be together, sharing a kiss and holding hands in public? :O How will they ever recover from such scandal?! :roll:

Did you know dart boards could be placed on windows? Until now, me either. Taya was the first to try out the new dart board. Money is seriously rolling in. Practically every day they get at least 1 gift each, since they are all 4 star celebs. Why not splash some cash, and add more fun stuff around? I also made some changes to the kitchen, and Sarah and Gator's bedroom got a much needed redecoration. Neither will be seen in this update, but they're there.

:hearts: This is just the cutest thing ever! During my click around, to see what everyone is up to, I found Hoggle really enjoying a video game. Wilhemina wishing for that console is one of the best things to happen to the Snowes, since Alicia's tragic passing. They all love it.

Sarah: "Hey Bro, I learned that recipe you asked for."
Jareth: "You sure you got the right one?"
Sarah: "Yes."

:shiftyeyes: She neglected to add she forgot which one, and learned them all to play it safe. :lol:

A medical emergency called her to work. When she came back, she joined Hoggle at the chess table. :heart: So cute finally seeing mother and son spending some time together.

Gator: "Woah! That is one giant fish?! :O "

:bounce: Yep! Gator finally made progress on his fishing skills. Okay, I did get him high enough to use live bait, bought a crap load of alley catfish, tracked down the pond angelfish spawn in, caught a load of them, then headed to the graveyard and waited, but details, details... :lol:

Gator finally caught a death fish! Let's be happy for him! :applause:

Gator: "And I caught this massive fish! It was like fifty times this big! Looked like Bailey's hair in the morning."
Jareth: "Good."
Jareth: "Right on time..." :shiftyeyes:
Gator: "What?"
Jareth: "Oh, nothing."

Jareth: "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Taya: "Of course, Daddy, I'm ready."
Hoggle: "I'm not sitting next to Taya the whole way."
Gator: "You can sit next to me, or Taya."
Hoggle: "I want to sit next to Uncle Jareth."
Jareth: "Sure, kiddo."
Wilhemina: "Are you sure you're okay with this?"
Jareth: " :yes: "
Sarah: "I'm kinda nervous. We've never been more than an hour away from our home our whole life. You ready for this, Bro?"
Jareth: "Ready."

Re: Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - Update 12 - 18/1

PostPosted: January 18th, 2018, 4:34 pm
by Nevermore
Gator: "How did you arrange this?"
Jareth: "Two women I know, their mothers died. They tried redecorating the place, but they felt a fresh start would be the best way to get over their grief. They said we can stay here for two weeks, while they make arrangements in their new home."
Wilhemina: :O "How do you know these women!?"
Sarah: "Friends of mine! From work... they used to be nurses...." :shiftyeyes:
Jareth: "Everyone separate, shout out what you find."

:hmm: Siblings Snowe lying to their spouses... :shifty:

Sarah: "Found a kitchen! No small appliances, but got the necessities."

Hoggle: "Found a living room! :O They have a games console! Mum, and they have a book case with some books!"

Wilhemina: "Found a bedroom! Jareth? This one is ours!"

Gator: "Sarah, our room is here, with an en suite!"

Taya: "Found a room with two single beds! Why is there a crib?"

Good question... :shiftyeyes: Why is there a crib?

Jareth: "Dining table has six seats. Come sit down."

Sarah: "I'm probably going to check out the Butterfly Esplanade with Gator and Hoggle. Are you coming?"
Jareth: "No, I have to have a meeting..." :wink: "About the gig."
Sarah: "Oh! Right. Good luck, bro."
Gator: "Are you coming, sis?"
Wilhemina: "I promised Taya we would cross the river for a tour."

Jareth headed to his meeting, in a dive bar, not the theatre or to do with the gig as he lead them to believe.

Wilhemina and Taya headed out for their "tour." Their first stop was at Matthew Hamming's. He didn't let them in. This probably didn't help their case;

Taya: "Hello, Hammy!"
Hammy: "NOT ANOTHER ONE!" :sigh:
Hammy: "I don't know you, go away..." :heavybreathing:

No luck at the Littler's either. Even though they were right there on the other side of the gate, they wouldn't let them in or talk to them.

Taya: "You all suck anyway." :fisty:

Next, they hoped to get a glimpse of Lola Belle. Apparently, Wilhemina is such a fan.

Kai: "Who is?"
Wilhemina: "Wilhemina Snowe, and my daughter Taya."
Kai: "Wilhemina and Taya, as in Jareth Snowe's wife and daughter?"
Wilhemina: "Yes."

They let them in! Actually, I was surprised too. Considering they don't know each other. Wilhemina headed straight over to Lola Belle for an autograph. I didn't get a snap of that.

Taya headed straight to the piano. She seemed really enjoy it. :hmm: I might let her pursue that, when they go back home.

At Butterfly Esplanade, Sarah and Gator had fun. They got all smoochy and flirty in the gazebo.

Gator: "You're so beautiful... like a fluttering butterfly.." :flirt:
Sarah: "Oh, Gator, you say the most beautiful things..." :smooch:

Beau: "You look so familar. Have we met before?"
Hoggle: "Nope."
Beau: "Who is your mother?"
Hoggle: "Sarah. She is right over there, kissing my dad."
Beau: :hmm: "I'm sure I recognise her, but I'm not sure..."

Is it Sarah's strong resemblance to her mother, your daughter? :hmm: :?:

Guess what Gator's favourite part of the park was. Okay, hands up, is anyone surprised? Be honest!

They headed under the dome to do explore. Gator and Hoggle decided to do a spot of fishing in the pond, while Sarah stopped to watch. I think Gator was upset there were no butterflies for him to catch. He does love them.

The next day, Taya took Hoggle to the park. I forgot there was no pond there for him to fish from, so he went to play on the play equipment instead. Taya got herself some food from the truck. :hmm: I think it was a taco.

Not having work to worry about, or any other concerns, Jareth and Wilhemina had time to work on their issues. He serenaded her again, then they headed to their bed for a little cuddle.

Then they headed over to The Grind. No idea what the bartender's name is. We'll call him... Roger!

Roger: "Are you sure you are young adult?" :eyebrow:
Taya: :yes:
Jareth: *whispers* "You're only getting one."
Roger: "What was that?"
Wilhemina: "She will take that one!" :shiftyeyes:

I don't know what Roger's problem is. He served Hoggle.

Then they hit the dance floor in their new nightclub attire. Technically Wilhemina and Jareth's are a second normal outfit, but details, details. Their outfits don't come in formal.

Damn, Gator can really move! :O Has he been taking dance lessons between dragging his lazy butt off the couch and walking to the pond?

:O When you see it, you will go :jawdrop: too.

Then the couples paired off. The Snowes can't help it, dancing with their significant others, and ignoring everyone else. It's practically genetic.

Taya has serious moves! I bet it is all the practice she got at the stereo. I bet her hidden dance skill is like 10 by now. And, yes, the colour pallet of her attire is intentional. :thup:

Woah, look at Hoggle go! :O

Jareth and Wilhemina looking all sexy and gazing into each other's eyes. Wow! Wilhemina is totally pulling a Sandy right now. :O

You are the one that I want, oo-oo-oo, honey!
(No, I'm not going to do the whole song!)

Wilhemina: "You sure I look okay?"
Jareth: "You look gorgeous, and you know it."
Wilhemina: :blush: "You sure I can pull it off?"
Jareth: "Uh, yeah."

:lol: Gator just barely managed to put something smart but club worthy on!

Sarah looks so pretty and sexy! Now, I like this outfit, but I'm probably not going to make it permanent. I have to so remember this one for future sims! Doesn't she look so cute but hot?

Gator: :hearts:

Yep, Gator likes it too.

:O Check Hoggle out! Honestly, I've never seen this side to him! I don't think he has ever danced at a stereo in his life. This is huge!

GET LOST, CREEP!! :fisty:

Lenny Shutter: "Wow, Wilhemina! You are amazing, I love you so much..."

Yep, now cue the jaw drop. It is him alright. A paparazzi, and fixated on Wilhemina. Go get him Jareth. :twisted:

Lenny: "Oh, you are her husband..." :shifty: "Um... I'm Lenny Shutter..."
Jareth: "I'm Jareth Snowe."
Lenny: :shifty: "Snowe... I recognise that name from somewhere..."
Jareth: :grin: "I bet you do."
Wilhemina: *thinks* "That's my hubby, defending me from creeps."

You can take the Snowes out of Moonlight Falls, but you can't take Moonlight Falls out of the Snowes! After the club closed, and they headed home, a quick outfit change for the adults was in order. Then they sat down to play.

Wilhemina, Jareth, Sarah and Taya are playing, Gator and Hoggle sat down to watch. I like that living room layout though. :hmm: I think I made a good choice with that.

Hoggle: "Why are you wearing those gloves? They look dumb with that dress."
Taya: "They are Drinky Grandma's. She can't be here, so she can in spirit with these gloves."
Sarah: "I like it. That dress looks fierce on you."
Taya: "Thanks, Auntie! I might keep it, when we go home."

Re: Pursuit of Happiness: The Snowe Story - Update 13 - 20/1

PostPosted: January 20th, 2018, 12:10 pm
by Nevermore
The Snowes got a delivery of a stove and a blender, Sarah was the first to put them to good use. She whipped up a risotto.

Technically, I realised there was no stove... :duh: and placed one, adding a blender for good measure.

Hoggle: "You are so embarrassing!"
Gator: *chew-chew* "What did I..." *chomp-slurp* "Do?"
Jareth: "Don't talk with your mouth full!"
Wilhemina: "Taya, do you want some?"
Taya: "Why can't I skip the food, and go straight to dessert?"
Jareth: "Because your aunt made this for us. Sit down and eat it. Sarah, how is that pie coming?"
Sarah: "Just a couple more minutes!"
Taya: "Why does Auntie Sarah get to skip dinner?"
Sarah: "I ate before you all sat down."

That does annoy me that sims take so long to grab a place and sit down. I would have liked to get Sarah in this family dinner snap, but there was nothing I could do without the rest of them dispersing.

???: "Hi Jareth, I need you to do me a favour."
Jareth: "Sure, what can I do to help?"
???: "We have a potential buyer for the place. Could you meet him at the subway tonight? Show him around."
Jareth: "What about the rest of the family? Won't they get in the way?"
???: "Apparently they come from a big family, and want to know if the apartment will accommodate everyone."
Jareth: "Alright, I'll let everyone know."

Jareth: "Our temporary landladies just called. A man and his daughter are coming to see this place. They are going to spend the night, and want to look around tomorrow."
Sarah: "How are we going to clear out? We don't exactly have anywhere to go."
Jareth: "We don't have to clear out. He comes from a large family. I guess we are subbing in for that. We meet them tonight at the subway."
Taya: "I better have enough time to watch Little Celebrity."

The whole family sits down to watch Little Celebrity, even though not everyone is happy about that. I did move the living room to face a different direction to get better shots of them when they sit down as a family. I'm really loving the layout though. Simple, but a whole family vibe.

Gator: "This show sucks!"
Taya: "Shh!"
Hoggle: "Reality TV trash!"
Taya: "Shut up!"
TV Presenter: "Do you have what it takes to be the next big sensation? Auditions for the 17th season of Little Celebrity start next week, come to Trawler Lodge and let us see how amazing you can be!"
Taya: :jawdrop:
Taya: "..."
Taya: "Oh my god!! Oh my god!!"
Jareth: "Forget about it, you're not going."

Once they finished watching Little Celebrity, everyone filed into the elevator. Honestly, I'm surprised all six fit in there. They are all there. Hoggle is behind Taya. There is just a tiny glimpse of Gator behind Wilhemina.

Jareth: "Everyone hurry up, they will be here any minute."
Wilhemina: "What are their names?"
Jareth: "I don't know. I was told, a Mr Chimeree and his daughter were coming to see the place."

Jareth: "This is the apartment. Three rooms, two bathrooms, as you see spacious living space."
Evander: "Seems nice. My name is Evander by the way."
Jareth: "I'm Jareth. This is my wife Wilhemina, brother-in-law Gator, sister Sarah, and my daughter.."
Taya: "I'm Taya."
Jareth: "Over there is my nephew Hoggle."
Evander: "Nice to meet you all."
Everyone (minus Hoggle): "Nice to meet you."

Where is Hoggle?

In the living room, meeting Cornflower Chimeree. I aged her down to a child to make this work. :D :bounce:

Hoggle: "Hi." :blush:
Cornflower: "Hi." :blush:
Hoggle: "I'm Hoggle Snowe."
Cornflower: "Cornflower Chimeree. My friends call me Corny."

They actually have a lot in common. Even as a YA, Corny has a lot in common with Hoggle. They are both Grumpy and Loves the Outdoors. She is also Neat! Considering this the sloppy Snowes, neat is one of my new fave traits.

The next morning, they stayed in the children's room to play, while the grown ups and Taya socialise and fulfil their needs and such.

Hoggle: "The baby is okay. No stinky diaper."
Corny: "Dinner is almost ready."

Hoggle: "How was your day, Dear?"
Corny: "The baby slept peacefully. I found a simoleon in the sofa cushion. I just burned the muffins."
Hoggle: "We should go out to eat."

Corny was pretty hungry, and I thought they should get out for a bit. They headed over to the diner to grab a bite to eat.

Corny: "This place is okay. Have you been here before?"
Hoggle: "No, but Taya talked about it. Mum found a review to it on the internet."

After they grabbed a bite to eat, they headed around the back to sit down on the bench.

Corny: "The ocean is kinda pretty."
Hoggle: "Much nicer than the Moonlight Falls ocean view."
Corny: "What is Moonlight Falls like?"
Hoggle: "Foggy, boring, overrun with werewolves. Or some other occults."

Hoggle: "Are we even allowed in the subway on our own?"
Corny: "Who cares. It is just a short ride."

We will ignore that they suddenly switched into their formal wear. They headed under the dome of Butterfly Esplanade.

Corny: "And all you need is a heart shaped pink diamond, and the SimBot comes to life."
Hoggle: "Wow. You know a lot about SimBots."
Corny: "I want to build stuff one day. SimBots, and stuff. Don't you?"
Hoggle: "No... I mean, it is cool, but no. I like fishing in the pond in our garden. Auntie Wilhemina has a really nice garden growing. I want to help her out with it, but I don't think she will let me."

They started fishing. These two are just too cute together! :hearts:

Then caught some butterflies! Each one got a pretty rare red butterfly. Can't remember what it is off the top of my head. Gator would be mopey he didn't get to come to and see them.

A quick came of paper-scissors-rock. :D They are so cute!! :hug:

Hoggle was in a good mood, even at home. He seemed actually happy to see his parents getting a bit mushy with each other.

Hoggle: " :) "
Sarah: "I love you, Alligator."
Gator: "Love you too."

Sarah and Gator had a quick smooch. They headed off to the bedroom, for a little :flirt: fun. Strangely enough, right after she bathed and changed into her normal clothes.

Evander: "Is this a good city to raise children in?"
Sarah: "I have no idea. We are all from a small town, in one of those places where no one is really sure where it is, except those that come from there. But, don't worry. My niece loves this place. I know two women who grew up here, and they are wonderful bubbly girls, confident in themselves. Everywhere has its ups and downs."

Hoggle: "Corny, I know you have to leave soon, but keep in touch?"
Corny: "I'll email you, as soon as I get to a computer."
Hoggle: " :) "
Corny: " :) "
Hoggle: "See you around, Cornflower Chimeree."
Corny: "Not going soft on me, are you Hoggle Snowe?"
Hoggle: "Go away!" :fisty:
Corny: :lol: "See you around."

Evander and Cornflower Chimeree had to leave, but they will be missed. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of either of them.

Hoggle was so sad to say goodbye to Corny, Taya took him to the park to take his mind off it.

Hoggle: "Land-ho!"
Taya: "On the port side, or the starboard?"