Where the Willow Walks ~ (6/24/18)

Re: Where the Willow Walks ~ (4/16/18)

Postby MichelleCYoung » June 12th, 2018, 9:06 pm

Oh, wow! I LOVE epics! Keep it coming, and don't be afraid to go deep, because the more we know about them, the more we CARE about them, and the more the really, truly, madly, deeply, EPIC drama feels amazing when it finally comes!

I mean, look at Beowulf. It could be summed up with "Guy fought a monster. Guy fought another monster. Guy won, and there was celebration, and then some more fighting, because it's never truly over, as monsters have relatives." But where's the *glory* in that story? The glory is in the emotional attachment, that's what. And you've got that going with the Academy students!

I eagerly anticipate the next one, but won't hurry you to rush through it and give a less-than-your-usual-best chapter, just to appease impatience. Because WOW.

I didn't know that Faction of the Lost Ones was the same world! I gotta read that, too!

My reading list is getting really, REALLY long, and I'm not the fast reader I used to be. Read too long and my eyes go googly. But I have my list!
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Re: Where the Willow Walks ~ (6/24/18)

Postby Livvielove » June 24th, 2018, 8:16 pm


12 ~ Love Lines

Granted, his future always felt hazy to him. All he knew is he wanted to do something that made him feel fulfilled… and so far that calling was Spirits.
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